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For me, it depends on the type of muffin or cookie .

Eject them immediately. It's your property, and they have no right to be on it.

These guys at my school are so stupid! They are asked not to do something, but keep doing it until my whole class is punished! And they seem so surprised and disappointed when we are punished, like they didn't expected it!

You basically repeated the same thing as the argument above.

I would start a business, hire a private army, then put the rest into longevity treatments for myself, and research into finding immortality.

Painting on someone else's property without permission is vandalism. It should not be tolerated.

Thank you! I try to be .

You just did the same thing as me, except it says "yes!". You copy cat!

No it's not !

How would you have a debate with a cadaver? That makes no sense!

If they want I think every one should be able to have families!

I am continuously living, as I am alive .

It tastes just like cheese spared, but in an convenient can!

Yes, but you can't use it the next year, or the year after that

What kind did you buy? Cheddar cheese in a can is good !

Cheese in a can is wonderful! It's better than normal cheese!

Probably. It's a big universe. Probably not close by, not within reach. That would be unlikely.

They have pine smell in a can .

They don't shed, and you can us them over and over again!

Kick Greece out of the Eurozone! Greece is dragging the whole currency down. The Euro is the second most traded currency in the world, and we can't afford to have it devalued like this!

I live in my imagination .

Apples !

Why would I tell YOU that !?!?!??

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