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Amarels butt buddy the Devil tries to save his ass

Both of them are idiots and neither one of them understands what debate is. Absolutely typical American idiots who have been trained to believe up is down and backwards is forwards. Really frustrating reading their stupid comments to be honest.

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and of course they’re the sane ones

Absolutely mate. And always eager to blame gun violence on anything and everything except guns.

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You posting this topic makes me suspect you more than anything else.

Get out you idiot. You're so inexcusably stupid.

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“Hero’s” like 6 gun Amarel think owning a gun is necessary and it’s a “right” yet if a woman claimed it was her right to have an abortion and protected that right with a gun he would scream blue murder

I honestly don't know how it is possible to hold even one set of opposing beliefs, but Old Six Gun has dozens. Remember his anti-drug debate last week? He thinks drugs are a problem because they kill 60-70 thousand a year, despite there being a wealth of reliable statistics proving that drugs save millions of lives and have essentially doubled average human lifespans. But guns are a solution because they only kill 40,000 a year, despite there being a clear lack of reliable evidence that guns save any lives at all. His double standards are so inexcusable it's a wonder he can even make a cup of tea without contradicting himself.

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I checked and found no law on the books barring me from owning a tank.

Tanks without functional weapons you idiot. I assumed it would be obvious that I was talking about tanks capable of doing what tanks are built to do. But it seems that to you nothing is obvious.

redhot(236) Clarified
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Get your facts right.

Get out you idiot. You know exactly what I mean. Tanks are not street legal. We don't see rich people driving them down the highway. The cannons are also not street legal. You need a destructive device permit from the federal government.

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Six Gun Amarel thought he was a tough guy.

Until he met Eight Gun Eddie.


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Yeah. That's why I carry a knife and a sap with my gun.

You amateur. That gives you no protection against tanks.

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I don't really get what point you're trying to make here.

Oh you don't? 😆 Now why doesn't that surprise me?

After spending the better part of a year insisting that guns are necessary to protect oneself in close-quarter encounters like rapes, carjackings, home invasions and robberies, now that someone has proven that to be a total bag of bullshit you don't really get what point I'm trying to make?

You're funny. 😆

But seriously. Off you go.

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Can the Democrats impeach a ''FORMER'' President who doesn't hold any other public office?

Yes, that all makes perfect sense to me now. If you commit crimes you should be allowed to get away with them as long as you have been voted out of office. 😆

redhot(236) Clarified
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Idk what you're so pissy about

Yes you do. I'm pissy because you refuse to ever engage in honest discussion. You constantly misrepresent what other people say. It is tiring, pointless and in no way conducive to a productive conversation.

redhot(236) Clarified
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Nom seems to know a lot about how and when to use a gun.

I just listen to the experts.

The 21-foot rule has long been used by police officers. Essentially, it says that when an assailant wielding a knife is closing in, they will cover 21 feet in the time it takes you to draw and fire your gun.

And you might not even have that much time. Recently, a study at Minnesota State University- Mankato found that the amount of distance covered can be greater than 21 feet.

Any more intellectually dishonest comments?

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Besides which your burglars only have guns in the first place because they are legal. In the UK burglars do not carry guns because we don't encourage burglars to "protect themselves" while forcing entry to somebody else's property.

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It's true. If you want to survive, you should bring a knife to a gun fight

Nobody mentioned gunfights you intellectually dishonest pig. Gunfights are had at a distance, so all you are doing is proving the point.

redhot(236) Clarified
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I agree on advertising, hiw have you, been?

Very well thank you sugar dumpling. Have you shot anybody lately?

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There's a reason you cannot provide contradicting quotes from me.

Yes. You're a liar. I've personally done it dozens of times.

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After kicking your asses

You are quite simply one of the most delusional people I have ever spoken to. Half an hour ago I had to explain to you the difference between loosing and losing.

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If a right is fundamental, then this wasn't decided by someone

This is close to the stupidest thing you ever said but I’ve doubt you can top it

Lol. That's truly laughable.

Where does he actually think these fundamental rights come from if they weren't "decided by someone"? Where does he think the actual idea of rights came from in the first place?

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You would respond to a post like this by saying that someone should take me aside for a chat.

I have no idea what you mean but I can tell you this much: I have yet to see you last more than ten minutes without contradicting yourself.

You've created a whole character of me based mostly on the straw men

I'm quoting your idiotic comments verbatim and responding to them with all the derision they deserve.

while loosing arguments

Losing, you delusional idiot. At least learn to speak English before making up your own version of reality.

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Oh hey, the last murder victim in my area was stabbed to death. The knife is facing a life sentence.

You really are just offensively stupid. Oh hey, let's legalise tanks because someone choked on a chicken wing last week.

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That's your fucking MO. And the Jody follows suit.

You are literally mad, pal. You're mentally unwell. You deny things and then double down on what you've just denied a sentence later. Out of all the tens of thousands of people killed by guns each year, the only group you cared to mention were "killers".

What you are looking for is a means to justify killing others, and what is truly astonishing about that is killing a killer would obviously place you in the exact same group you are pretending you have justification to kill.

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I'm glad you put it that response to killing a killer.

Are you?

Well, I'm glad that in your first paragraph you denied pretending guns can only be used for defence, and then in your second pretended killing someone because they killed someone else is a logical proposition. It really helps accentuate to others the extent of your mental health problems.

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Yeah, you constantly criticize me for shit that has nothing to do with anything I've ever said.

At one point three different people were all accusing you of the exact same thing and you still denied it.

You're not worth the time it takes to reply because you're a liar.

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No one pretends that a gun could only potentially be used to defend oneself.

You do it every time you post you ridiculous liar. I was literally criticising you for doing it last night, and so was Jody.

Killing a killer

This is yet more backwards logic where you want to kill someone while at the same time branding HIM the killer.

You are a fucking idiot, Amarel. I say that with the utmost sincerity because it is true.

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