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I like it! thats a angel chao, from sonic right? its really cute. ;)

My brother just responded : well if kurt kobain said it, i guess its true :)

But, honestly, you may never know.

OMG i won! Wow! Thatss really cool. Good job LSGirl!

Cough cough wink wink

sonic games are always new and original with things, and the levels are always creative,colorful, and mindnumbing, literally. when i wuz playin sonic colors, one of the levels started upsidedown and was full speed, filled with blues, reds, oranges, greens,yellows, like an entire rainbow and stars, so it was like that 4 ten seconds and when that part was over, i just stared at the screen like my brain was cut off and sonic ended up dying cuz he kept getting hit so. but sonic games give u extreme visual effects and blows ur mind away. look at this.

Sonic Colors Starlight Carnival

ha! thnx. i guess i could see why its kinda hippyish, no offense taken :)!

also was thinkin bout my fav nick " Tails", but might make people mad cuz hes a sonic character too. do u agree?

i have some names in my head

1.Millenium- Joe

2.Snoopy- Joe again!

3.popcornfav( or somethin like that)- one of my favorite snacks.

and im thinking of more... thnx to everyone with the suggestions. any thoughts, more ideas, comments on the names, or just more suggestions?

i have a nickname called "tails" and i decided not to use it even tho its my fav nick, because its another sonic character and might make people mad, so..

also gives some examples NOT to use, or other names that give terrible flashbacks :) !

heh, always the one who makes me giggle! thnx 4 the ideas. im thinkin about millenium and snoopy! :)

yea, ur right, but it took me a few weeks cuz im not really a professional debater, im still learning. but I'm gonna wait till the awards, or maybe not. but if i do decide to make a new account, what should my name be?

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if i could i would but my mom would kill me if she saw me cursing, even on the computer. trust, i really would i f i had the choice to probably

so, i guess the new question is, should i start a whole new account so i could get a better start?

crap. if i could curse on here i would sh but i cant, so crap.

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i do.........?????????????????????????????????????????? the next time i comment and i say "crap" u know what it means..

no, i actually wish i was an adult. i think both parties have about the same amount of freedom, because even though kids have to obey parents, they dont have to pay bills and all that with jobs and stuff, and they get free food and luxuries.. but, i wish i was old enough to get a job so i could help my mom and also be able to buy all the stuff i want without having to be afraid to ask! i can buy ALL THE VIDEO GAMES I WANT!!!! MWUHAHAHAHAHA!!! but still, getting all the video games and action figures and other toys etc. i could possibly want( i know i sound boyish with all of the things i want, but who cares, girls can do that! :) )!!

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oh. i was actually thinkin about changin my name because, well, i dont really talk bout it that much, so guess my name gives people terrible flashbacks and makes them want to kill me and never think about the word again ( :0 ), plus why have a username that kinda gives a false personality? but thnx! again!

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ehh, cant be mad at u for ur own personal opinion( which im not :) ) but thnx! now i know, so i'll turn the "annoying" level down to 0! ( my pure happiness is what bothers lots of people for some reason, so maybe thats why!)


soo.... i know this probably a dumb question that i already know the answer, but are you nominating HellNo2012 or actually saying heck no?

yea, even though he had a good backround, that guy was crazy. when the police found him, they asked what his name was. you want to know what the guy said? he said " im the joker!" WTH!?!?!?!?!?!?!? no lie, its written on the news report. he is insane!

u know, even though it sounds weird, it does kinda sound like fun, and i guess pets deserve it just like humans! just hope it does not turn out to be "Busters(pet name) MTV Spring Break!" hahahahahaha!! :)

well, to us, we are superior to them. but to animals, they may think (in their own kinda language or something) that they are superior. think, there r many secrets and mysteries to animals that we dont know, and vice versa. so, yea i guess we consider ourselves superior, but animals and creatures think that they are superior.

okay, this is starting to get creepy... i dont know whether your just playin around or if you really you think hes possessed... this better not end up like the excorcist when people r goin to start sayin

" the power of christ compels you!the power of christ compels you!"again and again! i know hes not really possessed but still....

Yayy. Finally someone understands! !!! Love o

urselves yea! Newbies are aawesooome

Me and my brother were arguing over who was better mario or sonic( u can tell which one i choose) sso i typed it in on Google, and i saw this, and i could actually write my opinion about it so i created my account and wrote one.

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