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yes actually i think it is. Now days lots of singers use autotune, which is quite a bit like cheating. Also when you listen to old music you get the feel and the emotions/essence is brought through by the words. Some modern songs hardly make sense and are all about Love, but classic music may have been random, but the words used made so much sense it came across as beautiful music.

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Out of school bullying can mostly be avoided ALSO this debate is specifically about a school uniform being good or bad, talking about something out of school is going off topic my friend. UNITY is a big part of school. When you see army people/soldiers they have a dress code, with that, they look a team, they look united and it encourages them TO BE or TRY TO BE united.

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If kids were paid to go to school, no one would really care about the education, they would just be thinking of the money. Also it would show that going to school rewards in getting money, making money more important than school/education and also making it the only reason they are going to school/the objective. Its not right. That shouldn't be the message.

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Logos and/or names. Either. for, yes, an organic cleaning products company

Of course not! love binds not by rules or boundaries, (or age) but by emotions and what you feel. You can like someone way older than you no matter if they are married or in a relationship already. I don't think one can always control their emotions.

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actually if they used the schools phones it would take more time then to have their own phone and get to where they need to go. Also these teachers who you say do these things do not know these are wrong. And setting too much homework isnt bad it is just that kids are too lazy

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Graffiti is a form of art, that can look really cool but it is also vandalism. Vandalism simply means "Willful or malicious destruction of public or private property" you can be as artistic as you want but it would still be vandalism. So i would call it both.

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But notice how that would cause the teacher to leave the class. It is possible but it is much easier for the teacher to have it with her/him. Teachers would know when and how to use a phone in school better than students too.

Sure meat causes some problems, but it gives us protein. We need protein. Too much meat is bad but then too much anything is bad. So it is best is best if we balance everything out. But then comparing vegetarians/vegans with meat eaters, i would say meat eaters are healthier.

Joe brooks is pretty hot,

Im not a fan of One Direction but Harry is hotter. These pictures show nothing show i searched them on google. And really Harry is so cute.

Hell yes probably exists. But racism is not a sin or anything it is just morally wrong and something we should try to avoid.

On a scale of 1-10 being racist would be 5.5 but a sin would be 10. See it is not enough to go to hell.

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Teachers usually have families and if they get a call in the middle of class it would be something important. Teachers need phones in class supposing something comes up. A teacher would never forget their class and talk for hours unless it is something important.

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Well then that is one pathetic teacher. Every teacher knows they would have to hurry up with the call (unless it is something important) because i class is waiting for them. ONE WORD: priorities

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SONIC MAN!!! he is hooottttt (thats hot not hoot) and his attitude is beastly. i respect him, i really do.

Well see many have tried to put some logic into peoples' heads without success. But dude get real! we are all stubborn humans who don't want to change our ways. Ya sure think about it, but to have a debate that is clearly resulting in fights and getting no where except for people committing blasphemy is plain stupid. It is not something you can have a debate upon. You can't just chose one religion that half the world has turned against and decide whether it is true or not.

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You like math?

books= good

shakespeare= great literature, legendary, beautiful, meaningful

children + good + great literature= great children.

Not everyone may like shakespeare but he is amazing and all the things i mentioned above. His works can teach one a lot so school should teach them

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You can get your uniform to fit and the point of a uniform is not to look cool. And some uniforms can look 'cool' if thats what you are looking for. Also no one would care about cool if everyone is wearing the same thing

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ya why not? we should. a uniform shows equality it shows that everyone in that uniform is from a united community. It will be one less thing to worry about for school preparations. Kids will have less reasons for bullies and competition.

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I looked at it and i was like awesome, then i played it and i was even more awesome! :P

lol, BUT you don't need to completely shut yourself off. I mean chill. Some people do it because they want the highest. Getting the highest isn't that important. You can do well with having fun too. Prioritise is the word i guess.

and i thought humans were going insane :o :o :O :o ...........................

you know after reading the arguments and arguing myself i think that this is a debate with no definite answer. As much as you support your evidence there will always be someone to agree and some to disagree. Maybe that is is vague and leaves you wondering, leaves you to believe what you want and to make your own choices. God (whichever) gave you The Books from there it is your decision really.

actually. it is human nature. humans are naturally stubborn and dont want to change their ways. if your reason was true then why are there (at the same time) so many people who accept people of any religion and aren't critical?

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