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I'm just curious as to where you got these statistics from?

I just want to know if what I'm debating is actually true or not before I engage.

References please.


How does the word "noob" even relate?

What are you, 12?

What a well thought out and constructive argument. Well done.

The way you've worded this it looks like you think religious women would somehow be more likely to give you the truth when asking a them question...


supremepizza(1419) Clarified
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I question why this posted twice...

Hellno, you truly are a mother fucker :P

If you want someone to blame for the downturn of society,




Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear-

Oh, oops, that's not right....

supremepizza(1419) Clarified
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The purpose is to poke fun.

But really dude... Why so serious? ;)

Everyone who thinks God isn't real is stupid.

When I was twelve my Priest grabbed my secret parts and told me God said it was okay!


If you think I am wrong still then answer me this question: if God is not real how am I talking to you now?!

HA! I proved you all wrong again!

You're all really dumb compared to my infinite wisdom I learned from the Bible, and if you do not believe the Bible is good learning material I say you are EVIL!!!

Seriously though guys, the main purpose of this debate was to weed out all the morons. If you read the description and still thought I was being serious you really need to have a doctor look at you.

Do I troll good mummy?

I think it's cute that you took this debate seriously.

If you're neutral what the hell is the point in contributing anyway?

Redundancy is the only purpose, and something a great deal of this site's users apply a great deal too often.

Like, legit?

That's your argument?

You are joking right...?

The jist of what I managed to translate from your strange and unique language is that you think pedos are made.


They are born that way, just like homosexuals are born that way.

It kinda hurts to try to read the rest of what you wrote, so I shall leave it there.

If you read my argument you would see that I was actually making fun of myself by saying that.

Now you just look like a huge cunt (:

Satanism encourages unrest and encourages chaos in humanity.


Where would you rather write in the light or in the dark?


Satanism is like eat now pay later. But once you have eaten, you will have to pay... forever.

Are you fucking serious? You're trolling right?

It is because Satanism does not promise salvation.

No, because we don't believe in magical sky genies.

You're too retarded for me to warrant further further discussion with you.

Anyone who knows anything about this site knows I'm the token Satanist.

Therefore the real discussion is "Supremepizza vs Christianity"

Therefore I win the ego award.

Here is my rebuttal.

Supporting Evidence: Here is my rebuttal. (

This argument can pretty much apply to most discussions like this:

My body, I'll do what I want, so get lost.

Personally I don't agree with suicide, but you have every right to do it if you so choose.

Nice spelling bro.

But no, Kim Jong-il, they should not.

Yes, Mr. Original Debate Creator.

Learning, obviously.

Is this actually a legitimate question?

You may as well ask if you'd rather be retarded/ignorant or informed.

I would rather cut off my balls, throw them into a vat of hot gravy and gobble them up than have Hellno banned.

Kindly fuck yourself, you won't be missed if you do leave.

Not sure if srs....

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