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The reason why I am Christian is because I am born into the environment and because I believe in him. I don't want to discard the fact that my parents had said they had a vision of God. I'm pretty sure that they aren't lying

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What part of a prayer makes you think that you need to beg? Some people pray just so that they can open up and tell God of what happened to them at school. People beg, but only because they're desperate. Don't think that God's making you beg jsut because he says to pray. Probably 99% of the world's population believes in God, so place yourself in the position where you can debate fair and square.

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May I say? If you don't believe the Bible, then what DO you believe?

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For all the people that say that the bible is full of mistakes, I will say that this. The bible is from long before you were born so then the language is obviously full of grammar mistakes. Also it is translated and so then the bible is not perfectly resembling the original. And for the people who said that the bible is full of mistakes, try saying that to the almost 6.9 billion people in the world. And then after saying that, come back again.

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It's called FAST-FOOD, PEOPLE! They call it that because it's not healthy.

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If anybody doesn't like Starbucks, they're an enemy to other people. Don't you know that? I mean seriously... who doesn't like Starbucks?

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Can't children reproduce? i mean not only woman can. Some children can be girls. Never thought about that, did you?

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Why can't i? Children are more important than older woman. And children are more flexible than woman. And children are gonna have a longer life than the woman and they were born recently

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