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YeshuaBought(2535) pic

That is great news!

Everything Trump said he would do before getting elected, he is doing!

How refreshing is it to have an honest President who actually does what he said he would do?

Agreed, so why were you downvoted? They need to examine the evidence. Complimentary upvote for you.

FromWithin(8225) Clarified
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These childish fools down vote simply to show what idiots they are. They wouldn't know what debating is if it bit them. I love how I live in their minds, as they must search out every post I write. They are controlled by my every word as if i could care less when down voted.

Leftist's are like dictators who must censor any speech that does not agree with them.

They are Socialist's from other nations who hate America, just as Democrat's hate America's religious freedoms, gun freedoms, freedoms of tax payers not paying for abortions, freedoms of our daughter's to play in sports with no so called Transgender boys, etc. etc.

The Left is all about big Government control of the people, and these fools have no problem allowing corrupt politicians telling them how they must spend their money.

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150th Judge confirmed during Trump Presidency. your thoughts?

Hello Y:

With 1,740 judgeship's, 150 won't make a dent.


YeshuaBought(2535) Clarified
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True enough. I just wanted to present more material for debate. How have you been? If I said or did anything wrong, I am sorry. I will do my best to be Christlike and patient.

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Hello Y:

Nahh... We're cool..


Chinaman(1723) Clarified
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Defining a dent should be among your inner most thoughts.

I call 150 judges confirmed a start. We have much more work to be done.