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10 Commandments, or the 8 I'd really rather you didn'ts?

10 commandments

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8 I'd rather you didn'ts

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I would have to say the 10 commandments just becuase I would put more belief into watching CNN than watching SNL news skits. The 10 commandments are what I have been grown up to believe. The flying spaghetti monster is a parody isnt it? But I do agree with some of the 8, I like number 6 a lot. But really who could believe the 8 if it all sounds like a joke? It sounds good but how could have people following those rules when the source sounds insane?

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RevPasta(1) Disputed
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The first three commandments are just for Christians. And, come on, no graven images? You have a ton of statues and pictures.

The middle ones are OK - no stealing, lying...

No adultery? Ok, no cheating, unless your partner agrees on open relationship.

But the end, about coveting? That's policing thoughts! If a guy sees a good looking woman and has some pleasant thoughts about her, what's the harm.

Good thing, though, that we women can covet all we want. I'm especially coveting Neil DeGrasse Tyson recently.

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Why not combine them? I know the 8 I'd Really Rather You Didn'ts are a parody of the ten commandments, but they make some good points about the way that Christians(and people in general) shouldn't act. But the ten commandments aren't all just pointless rules; I think that we can all agree people shouldn't kill, lie about people, cheat on their spouse, etc.

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Did you mean which is an easier way to live by?

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Actually what I was asking a serious question. I would love to hear your reasons why the 10 commandments are the best moral code to live by.

Also I'm making fun of the "Faith Race" debate.

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Ha, that was a lame debate.

Well, to be honest I really can't think of anything. Other than the noodle stuff doesn't have any consequences, weather they be good or bad consequences. It does sound allot easier. But how would the "rather you wouldn't's" be enforced? It seems pointless, but then I guess thats kind of the point because its purpose is to make fun of Christianity.


I could talk all about the ten commandments but It would be pointless because you don't share my beliefs and we would just oppose each other over and over again, and nobody would gain anything.

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This debate, so called, speaks of morality and ought nots. Who, among you all, desires to be the victim of another's crime directed at you??????? Life is not about morality or ought nots. Life is about caring for the sake of other's as well as yourselves and repelling the crimes of others directed at you and your's as well as not making others the victims of your crimes. Who would say." I wish they would not have robbed me?" Who would say, " I am not a victim of any crime." Who would say," I have and will never transgress the commandments?

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Really? "I 'd really rather you didn't"... That's so weak!

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Well, I like these better.

I mean, I'm not against the ten comandments at all, I think they're a really good idea,

But the idea that they are all encompassing, and there is no situation where they should not be broken, is silly.

And I like that this speghetti god or whatever is so much less vain than all the other gods. I mean, this god actually seems more concerned with people using their brains, and living full lives, than them groveling for forgiveness every time they see a titty, or living in a state of blissful cult like constant adolation of his greatness.

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The Gospels of the Flying Spaghetti monster makes a lot more sense.

1: They are marely amendments to the constitution. The laws the world is based on. They do NOT allow people to kill each other! They The Noodly godness's Addition to how we should behave. And if we don't: Meh!

2: There's only 8! All of which makes for a better life than the 10 commandments. And none of them are petty, jealoux and unreasonable.

Whereas the first 3 (I seem to recall) of the abrahamic religions (I know, they differ from one another -Judaism and Orthodox and Lutheran and...Whatever!) Are those: "You have to sit still on sundays And Worship ME... ONLY MEEEEE!!!!", "Don't you go spreadin' my name in vain, Biatch!!!!", "Stop makin' dem li'l idols!"

All of them rather Petty and spiteful and thereby not realistically depicting the voice and wishes of an omnipotent/Omniscient Deity!

3: The Angels of this gospel are PIRATES!!!! They Have Grog! They Win! BLESSED be his Parmasanity! Meatballelujah!!!

4: It makes as much sense that he made The Old "God" to test our faith in him, as it does, that "GOD" made the Dinofossils. And If Jehoba is mad at me... then Smite me down before I write this next sentance!!! Even Jebus loves Noodles!!!

Blessed be his noodly Goodness, Ramen.

And if you're against: OK... that's fine! I can live with that.

For Christians: But if you ever bother to read the dang Bible, you'd know that it is now your CHRTISTIAN Duty, to smite me down, Stone me and throw me at gates. For my Blasphemous endeavours. (your religions is pretty angry...really... read up on it!)

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It is more modern and applies to the younger generation more also.

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definitely the eight id rather you didnts

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obviously, they make way more sense, and say pretty much the same thing.

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