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Freedom to think? Nope Frerdom of speech? Nope
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18 yr old student says Marquette threatened her membership for pro Trump post

Young Trump supporter, 18, says Marquette University threatened to rescind her offer after she posted TikTok videos in favor of the President that sparked death threats from other students

Freedom to think? Nope

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Frerdom of speech? Nope

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More fascist propaganda from our resident house Nazi Brontoraptor, and his 2,000 different user accounts.

Daily Heil

Nickname of British tabloid newspaper, the Daily Mail. Acquired during its support for Mosley's blackshirts and for Hitler during the 30s, the nickname, along with the Mail's politics, has remained unchanged since. Heil

You keep setting them up Adolf. I'll keep knocking them out of the park for you.

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