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18th and 21st Amendments

The 18th amendment prohibited the making and selling of alcohol. The 21st amendment repealed that, allowing the making and selling of alcohol, did the U.S Government make a mistake making the 21st?

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I've travelled in 15 countries. Non of them had anything like the 18th. I was supposed to travel to two Muslim countries which live under an 18th (or similar). Both of those trips got cancelled, one because they blew up the plant I was going to, another because they started killing people in the streets. I'll live with the 21st, thank you. (Very much).

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cruzaders(341) Disputed
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In muslim countries such as Algeria or Marocco consumption is illegal but selling it to tourists is legal (in reality everybody drinks alcohol but everyone refuses to admit it)

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Adults should be allowed to put whatever substance they please into their own body and live with the consequences. Aside from the fact that prohibition can't work without a totalitarian state, it simply doesn't make sense to take away somebody's agency when nobody else is being harmed.

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Not disagreeing, but the 18th technically didn't prohibit consumption. It targeted production, distribution, and sales. I think that's also objectionable, but it opens up a bit more room for the position seeming reasonable.

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Ah but if you cannot brew or buy alcohol, then how are you to consume it? I do appreciate the distinction though, I was interested to see that it doesn't appear that possession itself was criminalized.

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We could link to all the harm attributed to alcohol. So the concept of the 18th banning it isn't totally without merit. It's just the reason prohibition was imposed was far more moral than practical, and in a country based heavily on freedom it's just really hard to justify why all the people who use alcohol without abusing it somehow have to give it up completely.

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