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 $1,000,000 what do you do with it? (19)

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$1,000,000 what do you do with it?

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I would save at least half of it and spend the rest wisely.

I wouldn't quit my job, I would still go to collage. I wouldn't buy a mansion or a Ferrari.

I wouldn't let it change my life, but just make it a little bit easier.

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One million dollars can go fast if you just spend it on everything so i agree just use it to make life easier

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Almost everyone says "I wouldn't let it change my life" yet it always does. It's 1 million dollars! You can't really speak until it's in your hands. And the fact that you would only save half and spend the rest wisely isn't reasonable. (that's a fairy tale )

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xaeon(1093) Disputed
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A million dollars isn't a massive amount of money these days. It certainly isn't enough to retire on. Saving half is reponsible and totally reasonable.

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JakeJ(3254) Disputed
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"You can't really speak until it's in your hands."

But I guess you can? Or anyone els on this debate? I'll speak whenever I want to. Thanks.

"And the fact that you would only save half and spend the rest wisely isn't reasonable."

How is that not reasonable?

Also, how is it a fairy tale? Are you saying that it's unrealistic? Because its not unrealistic for me. I have always saved half of all of my money, and I will continue to do so. Who are you to tell me what is unrealistic?

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well heres my idea if i put it in a fedrally protected bank and get a 2% yearly intrest on it and only take the intrest out it would add 20,000 to my yearly salery whitc is a nice little bonus each that would only take 50 years to eaqual 1 million dollars and that may be a while away but hey i'm young i may actually make it to 50 years twice. that is a little hard to believe i'd actually save it. most likely half of it would be taxed away then all my family would want some so i'd probably buy a house, a car and land and let them fight over the rest

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I'm guessing after taxes, as in it's in my hands to spend.

1. Pay of all my debts (around 40k total)

2. Pay for my parents house, they still owe around 80k I think, and make it very clear the pockets are now empty.

3. Put 20k in a fund for when my niece is old enough for college, which goes back to me if she does not go to college.

4. Buy an auctioned home for no more than 250k with at least three bedrooms, then rent it out for a little more than I pay in rent at my apartment. And make upkeep part of the rental agreement.

5. Okay, with the remaining 610k,

Now my bank has crappy returns on savings, I just use them because my rate of return really doesn't matter at this point as far as my savings go, but there are several banks that offer over 3% on savings accounts. So, taking 3% of 610,000, that's $1,525 per month.

Rent's paid for, all my debts are paid, so, taking out my handy calculator, we'll use this month as an example...

Woohoo! My bills would then equal around 395.95 per month. (electric, gas, etc.)

Leaving me around $1129.05 dollars to play with, plus whatever I make freelancing, which I would become very lazy about.

Next step, get myself fixed so I'm never tempted to ruin it all by having kids.

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2 words penny candy

Side: junk food

Start a trust fund and let it continually grow while becoming a philanthropist for issues that I care about.

Side: Social Philanthropy
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Not spending it sounds a little like a fairy tale to me. ;-)

Side: Social Philanthropy

Haha! Guess I'm just one of those stupid do gooders. Plus, I already went through my spend money like it's a joke phase. As you stated above, a million dollars isn't that much money any more ;)

Side: Social Philanthropy
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Donate 50% of 1,000,000 which is 500,00 to charity.

Give 90% of 500,000 of the remaining money to my parents who used their hard-earned money on me.

And i will keep the remaining 50k for my own use.

And i will use them wisely ^^

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Spend it! I would go shopping and buy all the things I want.

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