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2020 has proven the left's vision is gutter trash in real time

You don't need a gun. The cops will protect you.
2020: Cops overwhelmed and can't answer calls for help.

Universal healthcare
2020: Patient levels go up, medical professionals quit and are overwhelmed while many don't get seen or receive proper care.

Defund the police:
2020: Crime levels spike 525%.

Reality exists

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Burrito in Wonderland

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2020 has proven the left's vision is gutter trash in real time

Hello C:

WHO'S vision??? WHO IS the president?? WHO IS in charge?? WHO let this happen??



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Republicans are out of control. America, what is up with you???

Republicans are brilliant idiots because somehow, in all their abject stupidity, they are able to maintain a grasp on your government. Giuliani gave a press conference in front of a sex shop and you idiot Yanks sit there and listen as if he ought to win a Pulitzer (or whatever prize lying, sweating, corpulent, fake-haired fake tanned toads deserve).

Need I speak further?

Also, we would welcome you back (😜) with open arms but I think the Queen saw your president's corruption, lies and eating habits and got cold feet about it.

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Oh hi Bronto. Let's have a look at your Nazi propaganda bro.

You don't need a gun.

Correct. I'm not a coward.

The cops will protect you.

But the cops wouldn't need to protect me if you weren't trying to legally sell my attackers guns. I think this might be circular reasoning.

Universal healthcare

Yes please.

2020: Patient levels go up

Oh, socialism makes people sick? That's awesome bro. Got any more? 😆

medical professionals quit

Which ones? You'll have to be specific. I don't think they all quit. Luckily they are still there to pick up the pieces of the medical disaster caused by the fascist you voted for.

and are overwhelmed while many don't get seen or receive proper care.

Wait a minute. Medical professionals don't get seen or receive proper care? That's atrocious. But I think you might have mixed up subject and predicate in your keen rush to spin us a good far right yarn.

You might have to clarify. Are you saying medical professionals don't receive proper care or are you saying it is the left's fault that Donald Trump ignored the imminent health crisis for the first two months and now hospitals are overwhelmed?

Defund the police

No. Very bad idea.

2020: Crime levels spike 525%

Sure, with no alternative. Are you saying liberals think we should just defund the police and let people do whatever they want? Because I don't think that's true Bronto. I think you're just sitting in your dark, fascist basement looking at pictures of corpses and making up shit which isn't true. Amirite?

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Why did you name yourself, Coronavirus?.........................................................................................

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BurritoLunch(6608) Clarified
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Why did you name yourself, Coronavirus?

Because even he knows that he's a piece of shit.

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YIsRisenLord(1222) Clarified
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Rhis could be true. Making light of a pandemic is shitty, no matter how one tends to look, at it.

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