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Mailmen would win Wolverine would win
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 Mailmen would win (2)
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2 Drunk Mail Carriers vs. Blindfolded Wolverine on LSD

This is a fight to the death. It is the animal wolverine not the x-men character. Mail carriers have no weapons besides their uniforms and bags of mail. Who comes out on top?

Mailmen would win

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Wolverine would win

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I was ready to vote Wolverine but then I realized the Mailmen are probably drunk all the time so this would be while they're at the top of their game, and they likely have high powered firearms since they're ready to go postal any second, and then finally mail carriers are real people and Wolverine is freakin' make believe.

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herbert(102) Clarified
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not sure if this changes your argument but just to clarify, the mail carriers have no weapons besides their uniforms and bags of mail and it is the animal wolverine not the character. cheers!

Side: Mailmen would win
Grenache(6103) Clarified
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Well heck yeah, that changes it for sure! A real life wolverine has lots of senses to rely on, and mail carriers have pretty much no sense at all, so that wolverine is going to tear them to shreds. Thanks for clarifying.

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We all remember how the mailman use to go postal. Somehow, he would pull it out of his buttocks.

Side: Mailmen would win
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Oh wolverine. Easy. If we talk the comic book Wolverine, those mail carriers can't do much or enough damage to him to bring him down, he'll just keep going.

If we are talking about the actual animal, it has the senses to keep charging at them even without sight. Not to mention they are territorial and will take on bears if they feel like it.

Side: Wolverine would win