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31,000 scientists declare climate change a hoax


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The 30,000 scientists and science graduates listed on the OISM petition represent a tiny fraction (0.3%) of all science graduates. More importantly, the OISM list only contains 39 scientists who specialise in climate science.

Hello K:

From the front page of your link. Dude!


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SportsAnimal(27) Disputed
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39 scientists who specialise in climate science who say it's a hoax. Must be the ones who don't have to come up with left wing results to get grants and funding. And it's just one list. There are thousands who agree with them who would be on other lists. It also doesn't say how many give no definitive opinion.

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seanB(951) Disputed
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I've read a ton of anti-climate-change "papers". None were published in actual science journals, and all were created by "scientists" who either: did not have degrees in a STEM subject; had theological degrees; were funded by unaccredited, pseudoscience bodies backed by big oil; had been ousted from the scientific community for lying and fudging numbers; or got their "degrees" from sketchy, unaccredited institutions.

There is nobody, having gotten a genuine, accredited degree in Earth sciences and having studied the data, who would presume to deny anthropogenic climate change.

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SEE! Go to the internet and find ANYTHING you want! That's why you don't see ME entering web addresses.

Something once said: STUPOR STUPID! ;-)

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From your own source, you retarded butt nugget:-

The WG1 report was authored and reviewed by approximately 2000 scientists with varying expertise in climate and related fields, and so having a list of over 30,000 scientists that rejected the WG1’s conclusions was a powerful meme that AGW skeptics and deniers could use to cast doubt on the IPCC’s conclusions and, indirectly, on the entire theory of climate disruption. And in fact, this meme has become widespread in both legacy and new media today.

IT IS ALSO FALSE (caps mine)

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SportsAnimal(27) Disputed
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Looks like someone is anti-science.

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