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3D films vs. 2D films


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I prefer 3D, however, I like the 3D where objects jet out of the screen right toward you.

Side: 3D

3D!!! Lots of movies are in 3D because of cool quality. I barely see any 2D movie films in this world. I know Simpsons Movie is a 2D film! lol

Side: DevalPatrick
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3D display technology isn't there, yet.


Side: James P.Moran

As of right now, I can't compare 3D to 2D because I haven't seen a film in 3D yet. But I am sure that it is quite amazing. So for now, 2D.

Side: James P.Moran
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some film in 3D, but others only 2D Everything I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten ;)

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Side: James P.Moran
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only 2D, but some film in 3D, 2D is the best format in the world

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Side: James P.Moran