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 59 shot, 7 fatally in Chicago weekend shootings ! Wait what ????? Hello Lefty's ! (14)

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59 shot, 7 fatally in Chicago weekend shootings ! Wait what ????? Hello Lefty's !

CHICAGO -- Shootings across the city of Chicago this past weekend have left seven people dead and another 52 people wounded.

One of the most recent shootings occurred in the city's Austin neighborhood. Investigators placed down several evidence markers Sunday night on Bloomingdale Avenue near Central Avenue. That's where police said two men walked up to another man sitting in a parked car and started shooting.

The 21-year-old man was shot twice and rushed to the hospital where he later died. Another woman was injured, but was treated and released.

The shooting was one of multiple that took place over the past weekend, including **two mass shootings in one police district.**
Reported by ABC News in Chicago !
Lefty's in Chicago are also having problems with numbers !!!!!!!
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Hello Leftist did CNN report about the shootings in Chicago ?????

Now here is what the Gay Mayor of Chicago said - "As a city we have to stand up and do a hell of a lot more than we've done in a very long time," said Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

The DUMMY offered no solutions and just gave it lip service.

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True, I can definitely concede that it makes no sense to have gun restrictions that criminals will not follow. Of course gun control should be put in place to prevent the mentally ill and potential criminals from obtaining legal guns. However, if criminals can obtain guns illegally, those efforts would be benign. We have to ask ourselves, how are these criminals getting these guns and how can we eradicate illegal gun ownership in this country. If ever there was a reason for law enforcement, this is it.

You also have a lot of ad hominems and no solutions in your dissent.

Bootstrap(226) Disputed
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True, I can definitely concede that it makes no sense to have gun restrictions that criminals will not follow.

That's absolutely, utterly, the most fucking STUPID excuse I have ever heard. If something is a problem for society then it is not the job of lawmakers to IGNORE it because some right wing FOOL decides he doesn't want to obey the law. Apply the same logic to rape or murder and it quickly becomes apparent how fucking STUPID it is. It makes no sense to illegalise murder if criminals aren't going to obey the law, right?

Your country is full of people who are STUPID and INSANE. Until someone decides that money is LESS important than the countless human lives lost to your CRAZED gun culture, evil little profiteering bastards will continue to put forward these INSANELY STUPID EXCUSES about why guns can't be taken off the streets.

outlaw60(15368) Clarified
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Criminals are going to obtain illegal firearms no matter the amount of gun laws that Congress writes.

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From a NY Post article about Chicago posted 8/5/2019.

Fifty-nine people got shot across the city of Chicago this past weekend — seven fatally, according to police officials.

That’s more than the Dayton and El Paso shootings, respectively.

At least 30 others were shot and wounded between 5 p.m. Friday and 11:59 p.m. Sunday, according to police. A 5-year-old boy was among the victims.

Gun violence in Chicago reportedly left eight people dead last weekend and 40 others hurt.

Mass shootings take place each weekend in Chicago. But there is nothing to see there according to a Democrat controlled media.

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When the loony left wing filth try to politicize a human tragedy such as the murders in El Paso their dirty little conspiracies usually come back and hit them up the face.

The Dayton assassin's online footprint revealed his FAR LEFT political affiliations.

On the internet he described himself as a metal-head leafist warrior but his account was removed immediately after the atrocity.

Ex-President Barack INERTIA Obama should hang his head in shame at his immoral and cheap attempt to tarnish President Trump with the El Paso massacre and his callous disregard for the feelings of the victim's loved ones.

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This is so sadly true.

The smoke from the El Paso massacre had not had time to clear before Obama was soullessly using this dreadful human disaster to advance his political ideology by stabbing his political opponent in the back with a knife which was, figuratively speaking, still dripping with the blood of the El Paso victims.

Obama's act of uncontrolled heartlessness displayed this silver tongued ex President for the ruthless ruffian he is.

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The reason fake news and the Democrat Party are silent when it comes to big city gang killings, is because the guns they use are illegal. There is no killer in his right mind who would buy a gun that could be traced to him.

The new gun restrictions pushed by the Left would do nothing to stop the vast vast majority of gun murders.

They already know this but could not care less. Their goal is to take our guns as other Socialist nations are doing.

To control the people, you must first disarm the people.

outlaw60(15368) Clarified
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Chicago Leftist cannot disarm the criminals but the talking point is more Gun Control and is there a belief that criminals follow laws.

DreTheWise(88) Disputed
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Laws are needed. By this logic, we should eliminate murder laws because criminals ignore those too. Both the left needs to realize is that gun laws alone is not the whole solution and what the right needs to realize is gun laws should be part of that solution. What sense does it make to allow a mentally ill person or an ex-convict to purchase illegal weapons? None at all. Sure these gun laws should not infringe upon law-abiding citizens who are mentally stable. But keeping others from purchasing weapons and penalizing them when they obtain illegal weapons should be totally okay. Right?

And of course criminals can still by weapons in the black market. That is a problem too, but when they can purchase partially manufactured weapons does not help solve the problem. Clearly, some regulation ought to be put in place to keep this from happening as well. Do you think criminals would purchase partially manufactured weapons if they had to register them under their own name.

This means criminals could only turn to the black market for guns--meaning that we would also have to crack down there as well to figure out where they are getting these guns.

What nobody seems to be talking about is how unregistered guns are getting on the street and into the hands of criminals.

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59 shot, 7 fatally in Chicago weekend shootings ! Wait what ????? Hello Lefty's

Hello poochy boy:

Couple things.. Trump IS president over Chicago.. Instead of running his racist mouth, he could DO something.. He could DECLARE martial law. He could put federal troops ON the ground. He could REBUILD devastated neighborhoods. He could BUILD factories and BRING jobs. He could SUPPORT gun control..

He HAS the power to DO it all. Yet, he does NONE of it..

Now, fetch this stick.