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 60 Minutes Australia on "theybies" (8)

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60 Minutes Australia on "theybies"

Brooke School 1st grade teacher records an “identity share” zoom call with K-2 grades where he spoke about being trans. When babies are born the doctor looks & makes a guess on whether the baby is a boy or girl.
This shows just how insane the Left really is!
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“60 Minutes Australia” has tracked down some of the parents who indulge this mental illness and wait until their child declares its own gender before calling it a boy or a girl.

When a Leftist parent cannot say if they had a boy or a girl then they need to be left to their own twisted ideas.

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Meet the 'theybies'. Not baby boys, not baby girls. SUNDAY on #60Mins, the new parenting trend letting young children choose their own gender.

Kids choosing their own identity that is just over the top stupid

Leftist now have "theybies" LMMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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So, doctors toss a coin to determine the sex of a new born baby.

Gee, and all the while there was silly me thinking that the genitalia of the infant was the scientific deciding factor of his/her gender.


Dr_Batman(1281) Clarified
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It is the genitalia of the baby that determines his or her's simple biology.

Man OH MAN, your sarcasm is the worst joke on earth.

There is nothing to laugh about nor joke about when it comes to babies. Married couples consisting of one man and one woman either have a child who is a boy or a girl.

Anything else is insanity. All leftists are now labelled as criminally insane and will be beaten to a pulp. There is no mercy for any of them. They crossed a line by allowing children to be labelled as "Theybies" when it's clear boys and girls are indeed real AND NO CHILD IS BORN INTO THE WRONG BODY!

God prevails!


samKirby(1) Disputed
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The left is trying to mainstream the errant behavior of the few who endorse this craziness and force you to go along with their make believe. All this will do is foster resentment and a strong push back.

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This is child abuse when they did this. "Theybies" does not exist and all transgressive "activists" who are toxic will be annihilated. They are now a threat to humanity. A baby is either born a boy or a girl. I have spoken absolute objective universal facts. This isn't negotiable nor is it supposed to even be an argument. It's simply common sense. Any further child abuse and every sjw, toxic activist, drag queen and pride parade supporter will be shot on sight by the truth and only the truth. They all belong in a secured psychiatric facility for life. While normal men like me and real women such as my fiancée, plus all the boys and girls can go back to living a normal peaceful flourishing life. End of discussion.

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The "Theybies" are here. neither baby girls nor infant males. Choosing a child's gender while they are young is a recent parenting fad.

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