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Awesome. Let's clarify though, 76% of those who WATCHED it. Not just 76% of Americans.

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I'm one of the many that didn't watch it … couldn't … my mother taught me to not listen to liars. It COULD BE that 76% approved of his SPEECH, it's his ACTIONS most don't approve of. His speech is SO unlike his actions.

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How fabulous, goes to show Americans are just to used to watching dreadful tv, what percentage are happy with his hair style possibly the same amount

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I loved it when Trump gave examples of how walls truly helped.

In Tuesday’s State of the Union address, Trump cited El Paso as once having “extremely high rates of violent crime. He asserted that once a wall was built there, “El Paso is one of the safest cities in our country.”

“Simply put,” he said, “walls work, and walls save lives.”

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AlofRI(2842) Clarified
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El Paso WAS one of the safest cities in the country BEFORE the wall! Crime went up 14-17TER that wall! El Paso is STILL one of the safest cities.

Simply put, walls don't work, fewer guns in the hands of people that shouldn't HAVE them, WORKS!

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Trump gave a great speech. I love how he used so many examples showing how little Democrats care for Americans.

He made it so clear how immoral it is to allow murderers, rapists, sex trade traffickers, etc. into our nation. He uses the Democrat's own words against them.

I love it when he speaks to all the Rich Democrats who build walls with guards around their homes, but these same hypocrites care nothing about protecting Americans with walls.

If walls do not work, why do these rich hypocrites build them around their homes?

I loved when he showed what Democrats are supporting with late term abortions in States like New York. He is not afraid of speaking the truth about the hypocrisy of the Left, and Democrats hate him for it.

Fifty years of Democrat rhetoric about helping Black people out of poverty, and in two years Trump has given them record numbers of JOBS, not Government handouts!

He has reduced the numbers of people on Food stamps by millions, and no applause from Democrats.

He decimated ISIS, and no applause from Democrats.

He's trying to get us out of those Arab nation wars, something Democrats always said they wanted, yet no applause.

Did you see Democrats clapping for the good jobs numbers for minorities? Nah

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AlofRI(2842) Clarified
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