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Do you know what the vaccine does?

It's an unfortunately common misconception that the Covid vaccine completely stops a person from getting Covid. What it does is reduce the symptoms so that hopefully hospitals won't be overrun and people won't suffer from major complications. It's not a shield against any strain of the virus that pops up and there is no guarantee that you won't still get it, and you CAN still be a carrier of the virus even if you don't show symptoms. THAT is why people still push masks, (which by the way masks are mostly worn to protect others from the wearer and not to protect the wearer from others), and that is why there is a chance there may be booster shots later on down the road.

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Mongele(643) Clarified
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Well explained, except the vaccine (well, the Astra-Zeneca serum at any rate) does significantly reduce the chances of contracting the disease.

My opinion is that we should cut away all the dead-wood and political clap-trap and accept the guidance of the medical experts/virologists as the only road-map out of this covid-19 nightmare.

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BigNuts(36) Disputed
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THAT is why people still push masks

The CDC says the masks are no longer needed if vaccinated. Maybe you should listen to the science, or is the left now scrapping that talking point?

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Mint_tea(4634) Disputed
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Did you read my entire statement or did you just cherry pick something to try to make what was said fit into your "talking point"?

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