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AIG Executives: Resign or Commit Suicide?

Sen. Grassley quoted the other day that AIG Executives should either resign, or commit suicide.  What would your advice be for the executives?


Note:  I don't actually want them to commit suicide.  I am making fun of the quote and the senator.  Sorry if there was any confusion.


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Commit Suicide

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I'd say resign you could always find another good paying job with that job on your resume

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frenchieak(1132) Disputed
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Not when you took one of the biggest and most successful corporations in the world and drove it into the ground.

Epic fail. No jobs for you. You're essentially done.

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krnboi93(42) Disputed
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ya but you could get a job not a leading one but an employee, but i guess you would probably be hated by everybody there at the work place but you could still get a job

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Correct. The only real job you can get is at a place like McDonalds.

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What's the ponst of committing suicide, resigning does give u chance to find another job. Suicides just....uncool, if u do that, ur gonna muiss out on some fun stuff, evejn if u did bad stuff in the past. Nobody should deserve to die over money :(

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Resign? They should be fired!

This buddy system in the world of CEO's has gone way too far when they can drive a company into the ground and still have a job.

We own AIG now. I say we just pick names out of a hat, do like a nation wide lottery with all the SS numbers, and just make whoever is picked CEO, I gaurantee they'll do a better job than these jokers.

I feel suicide is a personal choice, and if they choose it I have no problem with that, but I cerainly do not encourage it.

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Greed while people lose thier homes. The American people do not want excuses they want results. Havent we suffered enough!

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Suicide is pretty harsh. If I had some more options here, maybe I'd choose another, but I say reignation is the better choice here. I never wish death on anybody unless it's a friend, because we all say it as jokes. It's a long story and kind of an inside joke, so I won't explain.

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They are now in the process of returning that money but I would say they most certainly should resign their positions there and give it all back!

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