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About time Stop these Nazi Socialists
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ANTIFA officially labeled a terrorist organization

About time

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Stop these Nazi Socialists

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That's how stupid this, well, ............. the guy watching TV in the White House ........... IS!

ANTIFA isn't even an "organization". It doesn't have a home office, doesn't have a President, doesn't have registered members .... isn't "ORGANIZED"! (Kind of like the United States of Trump ;-)!

Not like the, at least semi-organized, right-wing "militias", the right-wing Boogaloo Boys, the KKK, the right-wing neo-nazi "organizations", the right-wing white supremacists, all those ACTUAL hate "organizations", etc.! He doesn't give the north end of a south-bound RAT about them! But a bunch of dis-organized, angry, but, mostly harmless young peolple with an agenda .... GET THE DOGS OUT!

This phony is MORE dangerous to this country times a thousand, than every ANTIFA together!

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Well duh of course the Drumpf considers them a terrorist group because that's the only thing he knows how to do, point fingers and call people names and blame. The bumbling idiot can't even show his face to the country right now because even he knows he's royally screwed. I think the true terrorist group most dangerous to the country is the far right white supremacists. AKA Team MAGA. AKA their cousins are their siblings. AKA missing a few chromosomes... and teeth.

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