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A Beatles Concert

Did you ever see the Beatles live in concert?


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Wish I Did

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Yes in Liverpool in the 70's.

The Hollies and the Kinks were playing in Bradford so three great bands all in one weekend.

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I don't particularly like their music. Simple, repetitive lyrics with no real meaning behind them.

The most meaning they had in a song was still repetitive as hell and was a John Lennon solo "Imagine".

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It's even like the tunes/melodies made up for it, they were simple and boring too.

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I wish that I would have seen The Beatles live in concert. It would have certainly been an unforgettable experience for me.

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I REALLY LIKE THEIR MUSIC AND THEIR SINGING! But I am only 14, would never see their concert cos they are dead

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pirateelfdog(2654) Clarified
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Two of them are still alive.

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Joel_Mathews(2284) Clarified
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I thought only one of them was alive.. But you need more than 2 to start a

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