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A Republican Supreme Court got black college players paid


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A Republican Supreme Court got plack college players paid

Hello T:

I'm plack.. Can I get paid too?


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It must really get in your crawl that it took Republicans again to move black people to the next level.

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excon(16113) Disputed
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It must really get in your crawl

Hello again, fact:

That's CRAW, dude.. Lemme see, crawl and plack, in the same post. Did you finish 7th grade?? DUDE!


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Just to comment that I feel it is unhelpful to infer that a Supreme Court's judgement can be influenced by its affiliation with, or the panel of Judge's membership of, a political party.

I'm certain that all judgements of a supreme court, or any court of law for that matter are unbiased and non-prejudiced and the determinations of justice not being swayed by any element other than the proven, factual evidence pertaining to any particular case.

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