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A Word On Conspiracy Theories

It appears to have become commonplace in America to use the phrase "conspiracy theorist" as a form of blanket attack against anybody or anything which scrutinises or questions the status quo in any regard. In other words, if you question what you are told by political authority, you are to be mocked with this disparaging phrase and compared to people who believe Elvis is still alive. Strangely -- or perhaps not so strangely, dependent upon how clever you are -- you are never compared to people who think Jesus is still alive, since the status quo tells us this belief is perfectly normal, sane and rational.

In fact, let's just examine the sheer, wanton untenability of trying to shut down arguments with this disingenuous personal attack instead of a dialectic of reason. Are right wing Americans presumably under some kind of illusion that conspiracies do not happen in the real world? Because history is absolutely littered with them. In Britain, we celebrate the gunpowder conspiracy plot as a public holiday on November 5th. The implication that, "You believe there was a conspiracy, therefore you are to automatically be mocked" is, quite frankly, one of the most egregious aberrations of logic I have ever stumbled across in my entire natural life. Indeed, I refer to the late great George Carlin, who famously redirected the mockery where it actually belongs, when he said: "Wow! The idea that powerful people sometimes get together and actually make a plan!"

There was a populist resurgence in utilisation of the "conspiracy theorist" rhetorical attack in the wake of the 9/11 tragedy. Thenceforth, perhaps the real tragedy did not happen on 9/11, but rather in the subsequent months when dozens of academics were shut down for challenging the official version of events. Some of them were fired from their jobs; others quietly retired. Consider for example the fate of American physics professor Steven Jones, who was forced into early retirement by BYU, for publishing a paper entitled: "Why Indeed Did The WTC Buildings Completely Collapse?". Or consider Danish chemistry professor Niels Harrit, who has been the victim of smear attacks from the American right ever since publishing his 2009 study: "Active Thermitic Material Discovered In Dust From The 9/11 WTC Catastrophe." Dozens of scientists, architects, engineers and intellectuals have been attacked and shut down with this ignorant, cynical, pernicious smear that they are conspiracy theorists and hence everything they say is to be ignored and/or mocked. 

9/11 was the day the American public demonstrated its dazzling gullibility to the rest of the world, and the sheer irony is that it was fooled by the "turn the truth upside down" rhetoric of the American right. The American public was quite simply convinced that the gullibility resided within those with the audacity to question what they were told. Everybody else became a patriotic American genius for pretending to understand the impossible physics and contradictory discourse of Shyam Sunder, head of the NIST "investigation". The government knew exactly what it was doing. It made a direct appeal to the egos of people trained from birth to be egotists, and those people fell for it.

University research in Kent, England, suggests that contrary to the American version of reality, those who question the events of 9/11 are actually significantly more numerous than those who do not:-

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Believe me we know the truth. Let the naysayers speak their misinformation. When it comes to the humans vs aliens day, we will be the turncoats that encourage the aliens to show mercy.

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Nomenclature(1293) Clarified
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I doubt that our species would be of any interest to any intelligent alien. They probably want to stay as far away from us as possible.

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This is where you are wrong. They like some of us and hate some of us.

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Conspiracy theorists aren't all crazy. Some theorists have actual evidence and good claims, while others make theories because they are paranoid. However, because you have different opinions to those of the majority of the people, or the government, doesn't make you a conspiracy theorist. And then there are the people who just like to fantasize, who aren't conspiracy theorists either.

On a sidenote, the term conspiracy theorist has a lot of negative connotations that are mostly untrue. Because you believe in conspiracy theories doesn't make you strange or weird. I don't believe in any conspiracy theories (I do however believe in the Trump-Russia collusion, if you count that as a conspiracy theory), but there are times when I feel that the government is lying to us.

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The left-right dichotomy is a conspiracy.

It seems to me that you believe too much of what you see on TV about the "right". Believe me, none of these political hacks represents what the average American believes. Right or left, we all pretty much understand that the government is run by mobsters.

Really, the right wing doesn't believe in conspiracy? Alex Jones would like to have a word with you... That guy is a genuine wing-nut. A wing-nut who performs a valuable service, by the way... We all know that history is shaped by conspiracy. There is nothing phenomenal about it.

Calling people "conspiracy theorists" was an idea concocted by the government way back over 50 years ago to discredit people who were talking about things they didn't want people to think about it. They are still using it.

By the way, the foil hat doesn't really protect against their mind control waves, it actually amplifies them. You gotta line that sucker with lead or something.

Things are not as they seem, I think that is a given. It has to be this way. War is deception, or something to that effect.

Politics is dirty, that's just how it is. There is an active effort behind the scenes to topple the government and replace it with something that may not necessarily be better than what it is replacing.

There is a lot of warfare going on in the states right now, and as time goes on it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to distinguish between what is real and what is fabricated. Americans on the whole are crippled by uncertainty. The people who are certain are made out to look crazy for having the type of faith they do. Who can know?

It's more complicated than it seems on the surface, but I think apathy is a real big thing these days. Americans don't really care as much about all this stuff as the media would have you believe.

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Really, the right wing doesn't believe in conspiracy? Alex Jones would like to have a word with you...

Alex Jones is part of a concept you clearly have never heard of called "controlled opposition". He is so purposefully over-the-top crazy that by extension he erodes the credibility of anybody associated with him or his ideas.

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This. This this this a million times over.

He is a Republican plant.

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TzarPepe(792) Clarified
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He's entertaining. Is he controlled opposition? Maybe. I don't know. I would have sooner called him a yellow journalist than that. Even then, he does call attention to some very real things that not many other people are calling attention to. I don't really want to talk about Alex Jones. We do live in the same town though! Interesting fellow.

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TzarPepe, There's a lot of wisdom in this post. Politics is about as dirty as the damn mob.

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It's about the evil/vile illuminati vs the good Force if aliens.

The issue is that this election the one who you thought was the alien was the illuminati and you voted the illuminati plant, not the alien one.

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TzarPepe(792) Clarified
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I didn't vote for anyone. I'm willing to live with other people's bad decisions. Indeed, I have no choice. Does anyone really?

I believe in The Kingdom of God.

Does that make me a part of the problem? I don't see things the way you do. That is not where my faith is.

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The left-right dichotomy is a conspiracy.

It seems to me that you believe too much of what you see on TV about the "right"

It seems to me that you are a pontificating retard who is blissfully unaware of the fact that I do not own a TV.

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TzarPepe(792) Clarified
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Owning a TV has very little to do with you receiving the propaganda being sold by the same people who run the TVs.

Also, calling me a retard is not very nice.

So what is your argument? What are you trying to say? Do you want to be spiteful, or do you want to find common ground?

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Honestly, why don't you just come clean with a massive Alex Jones-style list of all the bullsh't Conspiracy Theories your mind somehow actually believes in rather than dragging this out and slowly uncovering more and more as time goes on (giving the illusion that you are more sane than you actually are, and we already know that you are only 2/3 sane at best..). Thus far, your Conspiracy Theories include:

1. Laws of Thermodynamics

2. Genetic Code

3. 9/11

4. Intelligent Design/Ancient Aliens

5. No Free Speech is Most Just

6. Alien intentional intervention provided artificial code propagation throughout the entirety of the Universe (I don't even know how to properly characterize this one or wtf you were attempting to claim?). This is why this "idea" is worthy of an entirely separate number on the list. This was our exact exchange on this topic:

"Nomenclature: I meant that a civilisation predating our own could have provided the universe with the code required for the evolution of biological life as we know it.

xMathFanx: Provided the Universe? Please be more specific here. How would they be able to transfer microorganism with the code across the entirety of the Universe? To other locations in their own Galaxy, sure. But the Universe is way too vast unless you are invoking a Ray Kurzweil Singularity type explanation?

Nomenclature: It is reasonable to point out that this question is irrational. I have no way of knowing how a more advanced civilisation would achieve something beyond human capabilities because, if I did, then it would not be beyond human capabilities and we would be as advanced as the civilisation we were enquiring about.

In actual fact I contend there to be no enigma or logical incongruity here at all. Perhaps someone or something simply fired organic matter out into space with great velocity. Presently, Voyager 2 is 10 billion miles from Earth.

7. Accusing/Believing others have a number of active alt-accounts and who they are (even though everyone knows that you are the one with active alts..)

8. All people who are slightly to the political Right are Fascists hiding in plain sight.

9. Guns/weapons can not possibly be used for Self-Defense

10. (Insert Here..)





I know there must be more, is it a bottomless pit is the question? Sincerely, please come "out of the closet" with all of the Conspiracy Theory-type models you currently believe in

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