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A bit of background on Mr Angrys ( Burrito ) hero’s Marx and Engels

 For 20 years, Engels worked in the mill of Ermen & Engels. He sent half his earnings, as well as what he could pilfer from the till, to Marx in London. Marx was not poor. But he had a grand wife, Jenny, the daughter of a baron, and, for a revolutionary, he was pathetically anxious to keep up appearances. So Engels subsidised his bourgeois lifestyle, freeing Marx to work on his never-ending magnum opus Das Kapital. Marx treated Engels appallingly. He made him write his journalism for him and then took the credit. When Marx got his maid pregnant, Engels assumed responsibility for the child and passed him off as his own. Self-obsessed, socially conventional and covered in boils, Marx emerges from this account as distinctly unsympathetic. 

Engels was a champagne socialist. He thought it was ‘beastly’ being a bourgeois and a manufacturer, but he was quite good at it. He justified his factory job by saying that he was using the money he made from exploiting the mill workers to liberate the proletariat by funding Marx’s ‘great ‘book that very few have read 

 As a socialist he didn’t always practise what he preached. He hunted regularly with the Cheshire Hunt, jumping fences with the local squires. He lived with an illiterate Irish factory girl, Mary Burns. This made him guilty of the sin that he accused the factory owners of committing, taking advantage of the power relationship for sexual purposes. 

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To be fair, exceedingly few philosophers seem to live by their philosophies.

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Yes , it’s must have been a wonderful luxury for people like Engels and Marx to talk about the evils of capitalism whilst fully embracing such

Also it’s rather hypocritical

Jace(5161) Clarified
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I'm sure it was a wonderful luxury and it was obviously hypocritical. I guess I just don't find it remarkable (although I realize you're primarily just antagonizing B). I'd say most people are hypocrites who speak from their privilege without trying to dismantle it. People are only as consistent and principled as existence permits them to be (which generally isn't very).

Ah, "background info", is it? Let me briefly translate that:-

Nazi propaganda I dug up from the internet which I know has zero credibility, so I have simply omitted to mention which Nazi pamphlet I found it in.

You're such a pathetic, grotesquely lonely little cunt. Go find some friends you bitter old man.

Dermot(5740) Disputed
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Ah, "background info", is it? Let me briefly translate that:-

No need to , it’s all in Engels letters to Marx , did you not know Engels was an industrialist? Oh dear

I’m such a pathetic, grotesquely lonely little cunt who does push ups all day

Yes I know I just caught you in a lie about that

I need Go find some friends , I’m a bitter old man.

Did you have a falling out with the chaps at the Holocaust deniers club?

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No need to , it’s all in Engels letters to Marx

Your Nazi propaganda was all in Engels' letters to Marx? That's interesting.

did you not know Engels was an industrialist?

What are you even babbling about you insane little seven year old?

Have you ever considered the possibility that you should just shut your abundantly stupid mouth and stop writing? You have no skill or talent at anything, you struggle terribly with fundamental grammar and writing coherently in your own language, and even your trolling is pathetic. You're a loser. Plain and simple. A lonely, bitter loser.

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