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A cabal of Deep State, Satan-worshiping, blood drinking, pedophile Democrats. RU in?

QAnon is NUTS

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Side Score: 6
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That sounds like fun, where do I sign up? Will you be joining too? David Icke says the Illuminati are zionists, so you should fit right in.

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excon(14838) Disputed
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That sounds like fun, where do I sign up? Will you be joining too?

Hello again, hater:

Yes.. Of course, I will.. I'm Qish, after all.

excon, Qman

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BurritoLunch(6608) Clarified
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Excon, do us all a favour and fuck off you lying piece of shit troll.

Professors David Balding and Mark Thomas of the University College London warn in a public statement from the Sense About Science campaign group that "you cannot look at DNA and read it like a book or a map of a journey" without supporting historical evidence.

Your DNA contains an enormous amount of genetic information, but most of the information that can be gleaned from it is about the genetic history of whole population - not of individual family trees.

DNA is an assortment of genetic sequences that have been inherited from many different ancestors. You double your number of ancestors with every generation, because everyone has two parents. Going back only ten generations (between 200 and 300 years) in your genealogy, you have 1024 ancestors. historical-genealogy-search-244586

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1/4 is better odds than usual... but depstate virtue signaling and tiddling kiddos... eh...

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A human that deserves to exist I have yet to see

All I see is an incessantly abject disease

I'll make you ingest my pee

then cut your neck and leave

to go molest a three

year old and give it STDs

I come from a long line of pesky thieves

and social rejects, you see

my bloodline consists of entities with no empathy

that will rape you in the ass until your intestines bleed

while we shove your head between a septic stream and a nest of bees

I'll make you suck my testis, please don't use any teeth

or I'll drink the fluid from your liver once its freshly squeezed

I'll murder you

I have ASPD and aspergers too

and I just killed 30 people all of whom I'm sure were Jews

I'll put your buttocks on the stove burner, dude

and make you eat your own cooked turds for food

put you in a pot, now you're a stew

I'm no longer a socialist, I have absurder views

I'm sure to spew, I'm concerned for you (not) if you haven't heard the news

because you might not see me and run, and thats the wiser option

I'll kill you and have sex with your corpse inside your coffin

when I'm cyber stalkin' people I manage to find them often

and when I find em' I will administer my supply of toxins

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If you are going to start plaguing us again, at least cut out the melodramatic rap lyrics. Nobody wants to read through that shit. Open up a proper debate if you're bored.

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Fangz(45) Disputed
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I already explained to you why it is pointless to debate anyone here, I just tried to debate you a while ago and you demonstrated that by putting words in my mouth and making retarded claims that are easily falsified but which you won't honestly address the falsification of.

Side: WWG1/WGA