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 A debate on how I hate all the debates on here-- (20)

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A debate on how I hate all the debates on here--

Well, I'm sure there has already been a debate like this ..Wink

Anyway, like I'm sure none of you have noticed, I haven't been active on this site, and it is a direct result of the loss of appeal...

Every debate is on the same topic, everyone is so predictable...It literally takes less than two minutes to foretell the winning outcome of a debate and who will take each side!

So, what should we do????

I loved this site when I first joined...Now, it is mostly a pointless waste of my time. 

Any ideas, or are we just out of luck..?



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Perhaps if you structured your debates more effectively, you would be more pleased. A quick perusal of your profile shows that you have been using this site more like a general forum.

For best results, the debate title should be clear, concise and free of ambiguity. For two-sided debates there should be clear, contrasting affirmative and negative positions. For all debates, you should write a detailed description that further explains the debate at hand (pictures & video are a plus).

Really, it comes down to a simple rule-of-thumb: the more time you put into building a debate, the more utility that you will get out of it.

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i only bring up topics that i know haven't been brought up yet.

i hate how the same stuff just keeps on coming up. or even worse, Joe's stupid crap.

classof011(68) Disputed
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some of Joe's stuff is pretty off the wall but I mean hes quadrupled what you have posted so some of it has got to be crap. If a dog eats a diamond you gotta go through some shit to get the good stuff =]

Side: he is actually pretty funny
ThePyg(6737) Disputed
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why not only have the good stuff then?

Side: he is actually pretty funny
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Well you gotta have some crappy debates Pyg no offense but your last debate regarding terrorist attacks was a little on the obvious side.

Side: he is actually pretty funny

That's a great way to get something going too. And you're right about the same stuff coming up all the time as well as Joe's voluminous nonsense.

Side: So it goes

Awww... Be nice to the guy... I bet he tries hard.

Side: he is actually pretty funny
JakeJ(3254) Disputed
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hey now lets be nice

Side: he is actually pretty funny

It's true that I write a lot of debates about politics and world science, but I also write quite a bit about fun, harmless (and senseless) topics! I think that this site is great for topics that have a big impact on the world, but it's also fun to just bring up the totally strange and surreal once in a while.

Side: he is actually pretty funny
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We're out of luck. Quality always drops on this sort of site as it gets more popular. Fundamental changes are needed to keep this site from continuing it's slow but steady descent into mediocrity. Alas, fundamental changes are very hard to make, so they probably won't happen.

Just keep your expectations low and appreciate the site for what it is.

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We're definitely baking up lots of changes! In the meantime, if you have a particular suggestion, always welcome to share. (;

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WOW a real wink face thing (;

how did you do it?

I noticed you have been inactive, I need a good allie, I don't have many. (:

If your talking about the fun debates like, the one I made about cerial, I like those debates, they give people a chance to get along and have fun.

Though I have noticed allot of debates that arent really debates, and more like discussions.

What debates do you hate?

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The wink face takes a LOT of practice, it's more of an art form, really!

haha..I can only make them when creating debates..Until then, I'm stuck with these ;)

=]--those are neat too!

Anyway, I've been inactive due to 2 reasons...

1. My schedule has been overbooked-crazy i tell you, crazy!

2. Now, it is possible that I could've found time for CreateDebate if I had seen any NEW hot button topics...Everything has been repeated...My explanation of this is not that news isn't really happening...It's just that since Obama's in office is seems no one wants to question his plans..

I know there are many contributing factors to this lack in debates, but I believe in the one I just stated...

I am going to try to get more involved in this site(again)...So, as far as an allie goes, you can count on me! :)

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