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A mother-in-law destroys marriage?

Can people really believe that person with whom you were living during ling period of time can distroy your happy future life? The answer is YES. It is not a secret that mothers who really love there sons do not want to leave their children and try to protect them even if son are not needed in this action. The relationship between son's wife and mother can not be so smooth as son believe. Mother in law protecting her son can get rid of her new daughter in law. Mother try to control all action which were done by her "lovely" daughter-in law. The social test prove that one of four marriages destroy because mother in law can not allow to her daughter in law free breath. On the other hand, some mothers-in law try to protect wife position because they understand that husband was wrong. It happen when mother of husband really understand what character her son have and what she has to do with it. In conclusion if we compare all prons and cons we will see that mother-in law really can destroy happy family.

control son's wife action

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You cannot be hurt or have a relationship marred by a third party without your permission.

If the son is a mammy's boy and hasn't the manliness to prioritize his relationship over all other considerations including rejecting his mother's selfish meddling then his partner should leave him and realize that HER MISS WAS HER MERCY.

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I firmly believe that parents interfere in their children's personal lives. We are responsible for our own destiny.

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Same here. I'm very grateful to my parents that they never pressured me with girl choices, marriage, etc. I just enjoyed my life and dated a lot of girls that my parents accepted well. Even when I told them about what I had read here on and that I had decided to look for a bride in Ukraine, they took the news very well. I think that all parents should do the same.

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