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ICE was created in 2003, what did we do before 2003? Do that.

Godzilla(58) Disputed
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ICE was created after 9/11 to help prevent another 9/11. I'd prefer not go back because a bunch of libs feelings get in the way when we defend ourselves.

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Never forget it was a Republican president who failed to protect our country on 9/11. Despite, having intelligence warnings about an imitate attack. Higher Airport security was all that was needed to prevent another 9/11, and it has. I bet you can't name ONE terrorist attack prevented by ICE or the department of homeland security for that matter.

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Hello bront:

As a right winger, you THOUGHT Obama used the IRS to attack you. So you called for the ABOLISHEMNT of the IRS. Did you have a replacement??? Nahhh… Did you think taxes would go uncollected?? Nahhh…

You're SILLY.


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1)Strawman. I never called for the abolishment of the IRS. Are you admitting Obama targeted Conservatives with it?

2)You still haven't answered the question. And replace ICE with what? It's the exact agency Obama used. Libs said nerry a word.