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Abortion is never necessary to save the mother's life

The fact that this issue is brought up so often speaks to the serious misinformation that the media and many politicians feed people. It is incredibly rare that such a procedure is performed. So I ask, with today's medical advancements, I'd an abortion ever a viable therapeutic option for saving the mother's life?


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In November 2009, a nun was excommunicated for giving her approval for an abortion at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix. She approved of the abortion because the doctors explained that the 27 year old Mother suffered from pulmonary hypertension and it was close to 100% positive that this lady would die if the pregnancy continued.

In December 2011, the excommunication was lifted and Sister Margaret McBride is in good standing with the Sisters of Mercy.

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Even with today's medical interventions there are several reasons for an abortion to protect the mother such as severe hypertension, cardiac and renal disease and diabetes with added morbidity.There have also been rare cases where being pregnant is affecting the mothers mental state where they have a history of severe psychotic disorder

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The situation is so rare that it is really disingenuous to bring into the pro-abortion debate. When it DOES come up, there needen't be "legal" abortion in order to take care of the situation. The doctor makes every effort to save both the mother AND the baby. If the baby dies, it is as a secondary effect. It is not an intentional procured abortion, and therefore wouldn't fall under the abortion ban, were ever so blessed to get to have one those in our fallen world. So it's a straw man argument. Not a real issue. I've often said to abortion enthusiasts, hey, okay, I'll go with you on that. Let's get congress to pass legislation to ban all abortions except those which come up in the case of saving the life of the mother. (less than 1%). Let's go for it. But no.....they don't really want to do that either. We are seriously duped and deluded culture.

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I don't know the answer to that question and no one else but a doctor knows the answer as well. Yes, it is true that life of mother abortions are such a rare thing because of medical advancements. Almost no one would deny a true life of mother abortion if it even existed.

It is almost a non issue because today the mother's life can be protected without aborting the Baby.

But that won't stop the pro abortion activists from using their pet "life of mother" abortion excuses to allow the vast vast majority of abortions done purely for birth control, and that includes late term abortions.

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