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Abortion should be legal - yay or nay

Please elaborate on your views.

I love debating this topic, and I know there is another debate going on - however I got banned, so Im making my own :)  Id love to debate you,  Im not a troll, Im just opinionated. I guess people here misunderstand me, some seem to think that just because Im disagreeing with you that means I hate you or think your lesser than me or whatever. That's just not the case, I apologize for hurting people's feelings, Ill try to do better, and Id love to debate you :)


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I believe it should definitely be legal within certain safety guidelines. Forcing a woman to carry a baby to birth she does not want is a recipe for disaster for everybody involved. The mother will resent the baby. The baby will resent the mother. The baby might even grow up to resent itself.

These people who want an outright ban on abortion are just insane. There is no other word to describe them. Their beliefs are not predicated on reason, but rather on a blind allegiance to religion. They do not consider the fact that the human population has already increased almost eightfold in a little over a century. A ban on abortion would quite literally lead to the collapse of human civilisation.

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Exactly. if i were pregnant, and denied my rights, i would kill myself. I would rather be dead, than pregnant, and that is a woman's right, to choose. My uterus, my fucking choice.

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I am personally opposed, but supportive, of safe, legal, and rare, abortion. Prolife conservatives, can really kiss my ass, because they don't, fucking care, about human life. if they did, they would support healthcare, as a right. Feed it once it's born, or go fuck yourself, on abortion.

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Why safe, legal and rare only sometimes ?

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For a variety of reasons, I believe the fetus is a baby, but I also believe the mother is a person with rights, and because I was raped twice, i am three million percent, not prolife, anymore.

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