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Adolf Hitler Was A Good Man


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He was. His didn't gas the Jews because THE JEWS NEVER EXISTED IN THE FIRST PLACE. There is no proof of their existence.

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mithoo19(806) Disputed
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then what did the Jews do in the gas chambers?? ?

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HarryPits(301) Clarified
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I don't know. I guess they took a shower so they could enjoy some latkes afterwards.

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He's my idol.

He was so motivated and so willing to carry out his suicide mission of attempting to wipe out all of the jews!

I mean he even knew that this would be something incredibly hard to accomplish, but he still tried his hardest to reach his goal.

He did commit suicide in the end, but that doesn't matter. He was devoted for a long time.

He only committed suicide because he realized the end of campaign was inevitable. And it would be a more honorable death to have been killed by himself than to be thrown out to all of those who hate him, to be tortured as he tortured their people.

Even after his death, he is still a really inspiring Man.

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Well, he liked dogs.. Which is a start. But his persecution of Homosexuals, Gypsies, Ethnic minorities, and Religious sects was not exactly good. Ha dhe not done that, then yeah he would have been good. Not a bad painter, he invented the VolksWagen, saved Germany after their catastrophic economical crash, and a couple more things. His actions in the war.. Sort of let him down..!

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Yes... So was Stalin.

They were responsible for the deaths of thousands of men and women, were openly racist and brought to the World another World war.

Who can doubt how good they were?

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Killing innocent people is evil, enough said .

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Killing millions of people isn't exactly a redeeming quality.

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