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 Advantages Of Early Marriage and Late Marriage (2)

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Advantages Of Early Marriage and Late Marriage

Marriage is an important stage of our life. However we should debate over pros and cons of early marriage and late marriage. Some of you get married early just because of some enviroment or culture. Some of toy also going to marry because of your gilfreind became a pregnant. I know that someone without any wishes going to get marriage. But here also people who just really would like to get marriage because of love. Many of you think that if you find your half you should to get a  mrriage. But could it give good result for your future? maybe you should think about what you are going to get. Think about it carefully switch on your mind and give your attention for this issue.

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What issue?

Your just mentioning some facts when and why people get married, and then you ask us to debate an issue. So again I ask - what issue?

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It hugely depends on your financial state. Before marriage, it's better to think carefully about supporting your family and if your incapable of doing so you should select late marriage, until then you can try to lift yourself,