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Let the little people play. Naaah.
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Affirmative Action laws should put at least one midget on every NBA team.


 Not one single midget in the NBA. This is bigotry towards little people. Midgets have rights too, make them let the midgets play!

Let the little people play.

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I guess I better side with the little guys, I wouldn't want to be called a bigot by denying the wee folk their Constitutional right to play professional basketball. Everyone has their own interest group now, can't leave out the munchkins, oops, I mean little people...that was insensitive, my bad. Please don't have me arrested for hate speech.

Side: Let the little people play.
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Affirmative action itself is bigotry because it judges people on WHAT they are, not their skills and abilities.

If someone has the skills required to participate in NBA, then let them play! If a midget can play just as well as everyone else, then they should play.

If not, then then they simply can't be on the team regardless of what they are.

Side: No affirmative action is bigotry
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I'm 6'1, should I be able to be a jockey? Or ride the kids rides?

If the midget has abilities that are at the same level as the other players then they should get a spot, however allowing them into the team just to be politically correct would be the downfall of 1. the team and 2.any other places where affirmative action is incorporated.

Side: Naaah.