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 Again fake news & the Democrat Party censor speech they don't want the public seeing! (1)

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Again fake news & the Democrat Party censor speech they don't want the public seeing!

So as we see, the Left does not care about free speech, nor journalism that goes against their fake news narrative.
These people on the Left are Big Brother and want to control what you read every day of your lives.

They want you to hate Trump, and when he tells the American people how he truly feels about White Supremacist groups, the Left censors his speech! It does not fit their narrative of him.

They are like China, Russia, North Korea, and other dictatorships, and will censor speech that does not agree with their fake news hatred towards Trump or Republicans.

Can you even imagine if the Right forced some news paper to change their headlines so that it agreed with them? Hypocrites on the Left would be outraged!

You are witnessing the power of the Liberal media and their control of every word you are allowed to read. This is what happens when our free press climbs in bed with the Democrat Party.

Online search engines are doing the same exact thing. When you search for articles on issues that make the Left look bad, these search engines will many times exclude them from your search results. They will also show a majority of Left leaning sites that contradict the facts.

Remember when the Left supposedly cared about freedom of expression, diversity of thought? NO LONGER!

The only thought they want you to read, is thought that agrees with them! This is truly scary what low end voters are allowing.
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Now if that News paper had done the usual and put a hate Trump spin on his actual words, then Democrats would be applauding them.

It's called mind control! Ever hear of it?