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 Again it took Republicans to put terrorists in their place, while Dems side with evil. (6)

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Again it took Republicans to put terrorists in their place, while Dems side with evil.

Iran is testing out their missiles paid for by Obama's $150 billion pay off.

Democrats pay off our enemies while Republicans kill their terrorist Generals.

Iran just capitulated to American strength while Democrats whine like little children. Iran deliberatey chose soft targets for their response to Trump's assasination of Soleimani. They made sure not to kill any Americans.

I wonder why Democrats never learn that terrorists only respect strength? I keep forgetting, the Democrat Party seems to care more for terrorist lives then they do American troops.

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Iran is testing out their missiles paid for by Obama's $150 billion pay off.

Hello From:

Talk about deception!!! Dude!

First off, it was $150 MILLION with an M, and it was their own money that was frozen by the sanctions that we returned to them..

Secondly, DUDE again..


Chinaman(2937) Clarified
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Democrat let me show you that your party sides with terrorist.

Watch and you may be informed for once.

Chinaman(2937) Clarified
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So the Democrat does not think Obama dropped off $150 billion in cash on the tarmac in Tehran

IndigoSky(56) Disputed
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It was Obama lifting sanctions off of the Hitlerian culture that his allegiance is to.

Chinaman(2937) Clarified
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Democrat you are misinformed by the media you consume. Use the internet to get yourself educated for what you do not know.

FromWithin(8239) Disputed
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Try googling the numbers and it always says $150 BILLION.

Yes it was their own assets that we had seized for their anti American actions. Obama also gave 400 million in cash on the same day Americans were released. Iran also wanted another 1.3 billion for what they called interest.

That $400 million would buy a lot of missiles! The money we had seized from them should have been kept to help pay for the trillions of dollars we spend trying to protect the world from their terroristic actions.

It was a $150 Billion pay off we should never have given back.

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If the Iranians paid $150 billion for these rockets there were swindled.

The Iranian missiles must be in need of re-calibration as the onslaught of 22 of these expensive projectiles only managed to damage an Iraqi disused building at one of their air-force bases kill 4 lizards.

FromWithin(8239) Clarified
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Yes, well maybe those lizards were infedels and deserving of death!

Obviously Iran chose not to escalate tensions, understanding our strength. If it had been Obama at the helm, it might have been a different story.

I heard that Iran was telling their people they had killed many Americans in the missile attack.

How can these Muslims be such sheep to allow their Government to be such corrupt liars.

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Obama would have given Soleimani billions more to stop killing Americans.

Democrats act like fearful store clerks payng off the mob for protection.