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Age of consent?

Marlene Shiappa, a french secretary of state wants to lower the age of consent to 13 or 15... What are your thoughts on this?    
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I think it's difficult because the natural marker -- puberty -- happens at different times for different people. Here in the UK it is 16, which is a good age, since it protects those who are slow to hit puberty. In Spain it used to be 12.

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Wait just to clarify: would you think it would be ok if a 40 year old was in a relationship with a 16 year old?

It's as wrong as you want it to be. The issue with such relationships is that one usually has all the money and makes the other feel safe in quitting further education and work to be their housewife or toyboy. Then, when things turn sour and the submissive one wants out, things become much less consensual and love-like than they used to be because money is power when it comes to relationships.

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Let me start by saying I detest age of consent laws. Some people are responsible and have understanding long before others...some thirteen year-olds are more adult than 60 year old men. It's rare, and usually due to unfortunate circumstances when a kid has to grow up too fast, compared to someone who was born fortunate and never had to be responsible, but our world has all kinds.

What I've always thought would be better would be some sort of test, starting with showing some level of self-reliance, and then knowledge and understanding of the cultural expectations, and the possible results. This feels impractical, but somehow more appropriate to me.

Obviously, for some, like Roy Moore, I'm not sure he'd ever qualify.

If we have to set an arbitrary age, somewhere after puberty, but before full adulthood seems as good as we can get, I suppose. That's a big range - the brain matures a lot during puberty, and experts have said that usually happens around 13, so that might be a practical minimum, if frightening for modern society. Schooling has become more important, and why the ages of 16-18 have become common - not a bad thought - and I certainly wouldn't want it pushed up, to where we allow for alcohol, 21. That's too high to begin with.

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I aggree that the age of maturity varies a lot but you must surely understand that the law has to set upp some kind of limit ; for example a 22 yo man was aquitted of raping an 11 yo because he said in front of court she consented to it and proved to the judges that she followed him delibarately... Your idea of test sounds interesting, are you proposing that in case of legal problems the young teenager should have a psychological test to see if he was mentally ready?

(thx for participating!!!)

What I think about this debate's description is that the legislation will not pass. Simple as that.

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I hope the future will prove you right, but the french government is pretty retarded atm :( (thx for participating!)

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Young children and teens are much more random in how they decide things and vote than young adults, middle aged adults and elderly adults. Since younger teens are so randomised in their decision making process, they are too risky to campaign and make sure the majority parties stay in power and thus this is a chess game in which such legislation will always remain inactive as they don't want them voting.

Ehh...just keep it 18. Ive heard people argue for 16 but 18 seems like a safe baseline. We can reasonably expect all 18 year olds to be sexually and mentally mature enough to understand the dynamics of both sex and consent and make an informed decision about engaging in it.

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Totally aggree !!! have a cookie ( thx for participating )