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Airlines Lawsuit - Man Beaten by Security

Do you think it was lawful for this man to have been drug of the airline due to overbooking?

Yes lawsuit should be pursued

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No, he refused to leave

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Hello, mw:

In my view, if he BOUGHT and PAID for his seat, he OWNS that seat. The airline settled his pending lawsuit, so they apparently agreed..

Side: Yes lawsuit should be pursued
Amarel(5565) Disputed
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A settlement rarely means agreement. It is a strategic course of action that organisations engage in all the time.

Airlines make over booking a common practice. As such, it is included in the purchase agreement that your flight and your seat are not guaranteed. The airline certainly has the right to remove people from their property, especially given conditions of a purchase agreement.

That being said, the airlines policy was obviously garbage and they will suffer the market consequences of this error thus improving their policy (likely to match other airlines overbook policies). But the man doesn't have a valide legal argument. He needed to remove himself at their requests and then seek compensation.

Side: No, he refused to leave

Whatever the circumstances might have been, the guy paid for a seat, he owns the seat , as he has been promised by booking it.. it is complete gibberish to see such a management disaster happen.. I'm pretty sure better things could have been done rather than just dragging him off the flight..

Side: Yes lawsuit should be pursued

If this country was 100% conservative it would have never happened, but alas, liberals exist, and have some morbid ocd complex to play the victim and look for free crap by any means possible.

Side: No, he refused to leave
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It don't no even mattered. If dat boy had a towel on dat head, u beat dat ass and ask questions later.

Side: No, he refused to leave
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This man, while being "beaten", refused to exit the aircraft after he had been asked several times. Everyone else asked to leave simply got up and left, so why did hhe have to make a big huge fuss. His current defense is that he had patients to see the next day. OK, and that's fine. I'm sure he could've found another flight. He was randomly chosen to exit and he refused, therefore the claimed "beating", which basically means dragged off, was necessary.

Side: No, he refused to leave