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Al’s here. Whoopdido

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Al’s here. Whoopdido

Hello Al:

It's always nice when a person our age makes it through a medical crisis. But, you DID it. You have a strong constitution, my friend, and that bodes well for your future.

See ya around.


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Well he's half here anyway. h He was right-handed and now the right hand is useless (temporily i hope), along with g good part of my vocabulary (whic should make some of my "friends" happy)! ;-)

Ahoghill(1452) Clarified
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Hey AlofRI, It's genuinely good to see you back.

I don't know what your illness was but it sounds a little like a stroke.

Well, if it was I can say that I have watched many people in my gym making a 90% plus recovery from this condition.

Anyway, good luck and I look forward to seeing your posts here on CD.

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AL!!! Welcome back!! We were worried about you buddy! Are you ok?