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Albert Einstein, the world's most famous scientist (theoretical physicist)

it is only done to see how many of us know Albert Einstein 


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From here it looks like that is happening.

From over here it looks like something else is happening.

Relativity is a real thing, but people are very superstitious about it. Operationalism being incorporated into the scientific process leads to saner conclusions.

The problem is, all this all came to show just how much the tool we are using to measure effects what it is we are observing. Next thing you know, you find that it is impossible to isolate all variables in an experiment or observation.

Gimmie some real knowledge. I got knowledge that destroys all knowledge. Science has its limits.

The Supreme and Ultimate Reality, God is greater than knowledge.

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Lets see that scientific method. Come on now, shouldn't be so hard. We are talking about a scientist, right?

Where da science at? Drop some knowledge on me. Show me the scientific method.

Einstein, you the real deal?

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