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Aliens and God

Suppose hypothetically we discover life in other galaxies, Aliens from another world.  Do you think that God would change in your mind, how would that affect you and your belief in God?

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I suppose it comes down to who wins the inevitable interstellar religious war.

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Well, there likely is no god. In fact I'm quite positive of that statement.

But here is what the relgious will do.

1. A small group of fundamentilsts will decide that god must be brought to these aliens, that or an interstellar war must ensue because ironically the most religious are always the first to cause the most misery in the name of that god.

2. Next, when this small group either kills them self in their shiny new religious war, or when the majority surpresses the lunatic fringe, the major religions of the world will change their rules - which they always innevitably do once faced with facts.

3. Then of course many will start brand new religions, use these beliefs to control and exploit the masses, and the sick dark vicious religious circle will continue on.

Wouldn't really change my belief. Now, they may change my stance on non-violence if they taste good... Honestly, am I the only one that wonders what an alien would taste like?

If the aliens on other planets resembled us but had no belief in God, then there would be a profound effect on believers.