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#AllLivesMatter versus #BlackLivesMatter: Pick one.


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Because I'm a Christian, and I really do believe all lives matter.

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Here are my thoughts.

The entire implication of there being a group called #BlackLivesMatter in the first place is that black lives are not being valued as highly as other lives. They are trying to point out discrimination, whereas you are belittling the discrimination they are trying to point out by interjecting with a banality (i.e. #AllLivesMatter).

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I am tired of hearing about skin color, when we are all one human race.

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The Black lives matter Movement is another example of the''oh poor me'' mentality of blacks.

Black on black murders represents the greatest toll of black lives by far and yet, the inferred message of their Political Slogan apportions blame for black deaths through violence onto whites.

The message we need to send to blacks is;- STOP KILLING YOURSELVES.

If whites promoted a catch-phase;- White Lives Matter the militant blacks including black politicians, church leaders and uncle Tom Cobley and all would be bellowing WHITE SUPREMIST RACISTS ONLY INTERESTED IN THEMSELVES.

Time for blacks to take responsibility for their own lives, remove the enormous chip form their shoulders, cease their parasitic/violent lifestyle and start contributing more to the society in which they live.


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The Black lives matter Movement is another example of the''oh poor me'' mentality of blacks.

But that's the opposite of what it is. They've organised themselves into a group to fight for justice and you're intimating they are all sat around getting drunk, feeling sorry for themselves.

The irony is that it is precisely the asinine, belittling comments which users like you make about blacks which prove such a group is necessary in the first place. You are your own counter-argument, so congratulations on that.

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All lives DO matter. It seems some people think THEIRS matter more than a "different colored person". There are brilliant people in all colors, there are good people in all colors, there are BETTER people in all colors. Better than you OR me, FAR better than one who HATES … in ANY color! In any religion … or none!

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#AllLivesMatter versus #BlackLivesMatter: Pick one.

Hello AK:

All lives, of course, matter..

But, that wouldn't be a good name for a group who're protesting the killing of unarmed black people, BY the police.


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