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It's Possible! No, that's stooopid.
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All Religions are Correct, Whatever You Believe is Your Reality?

It's Possible!

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No, that's stooopid.

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I have thought about this actually, and it depends on which one are correct. It depends on how tolerant the religion itself is of other religions. I can see polytheistic religions having multiple religions being correct especially alike ones that are just based upon view point like Greek gods vs. Romans gods. However monotheistic religions like Christianity, not so much.

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Well in a certain sense all religion at once can be objectively correct because some negate the others. However subjectively from an individual's perspective on can say that their religion is correct because of it's applicability to their life. So from a subjective stance I say sure. Objectively? No.

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It's not "stooopid" necessarily :) Let me offer a scenario:

There is a man sitting in another room so I tell someone I know that there is a man sitting in that other room. Then they say I know that there isn't a man sitting in the other room. No matter how hard they believe and worship that statement it does not make it true. Now that's not saying it can't become your reality it just doesn't make it correct. Just because you form and opinion does not necessarily make it correct.

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What if there's an all-powerful person in this room... and he monitors all the religions and all the people... if Joe is a good Christian, then when Joe dies this man will send Joe to Joe's idea of Heaven... or if Joe is bad, Joe goes to Joe's idea of the Christian Hell. Depending on how everyone in the world lives their lives... they end up spending eternity in the way that they believed.

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I don't think it works that way. If it does though, then yes everyone would be correct in their religion.

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