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Liberals can think. Liberals are all brainwashed
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Challenge Debate: All liberals have the same views on all issues.

I have noticed in my time on that the user brontoraptor appears to believe that any and all liberals have the same hive mind and never differ in opinion or beliefs. brontoraptor also often makes similar claims along the line of group x or religion x is evil. I would like to see why.

Liberals can think.

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Liberals are all brainwashed

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Liberals are brainwashed. How do we know? Because the Liberalism that exists today, did not exist before, and "before" isn't actually that long ago. In the year 2001, the entire nation joined as one in patriotism and outrage after the 9/11 attacks. There was no "Islamaphobia". No one even knew or cared what that meant. It would have been meaningless white noise.

Now we live in the days of the George Soros/Globalist propaganda press which couldn't tell a full truth if it had to, because its billionaire master pays well and has an agenda to distort the truth and destroy the West, this all according to himself. The modern liberal is a pawn in the globalist elite's game of psychotic world chess in an attempt to play "God".

In a leaked speech by Globalist David Rockefeller, he openly admitted to a conspiracy by the globalist elite to manipulate and monopolize the education system, the media, and create a "New World Order". We can use basic logic and reason to know it happened because prior to this, the mentality of the average American Liberal was nothing like it is today. In fact, California itself voted for a Republican President name Ronald Reagan. Reagan was President until 1989. Near the time of Rockefeller's leaked speech, the militant attacks on Conservativism began to manifest, but not in enough force to be of a threat. Post 9/11, Soros began to be seen more and more in the news as a conspiracist against sovereign nations and their inner financial, immigration, and education systems. Many countries have verbally opposed his influence in their nations. Within that time, we now see a creature we have never seen before... the Millennial Liberal, with Globalist Elite concepts programmed into their minds that a generation ago were akin to blasphemy. When the mindset of an entire culture mutates in a short period of time, it is always per indoctrination. There is no other way to overwhelm the values of 300 million people in a full 180 degree "switch".,204,203,200.jpg images/I/51TNgjsne6L. UY250.jpg turmoil.jpeg UY400SS400.jpg

"Religion X is evil"

I've been debating Muslims and Jews for over 20 years on the internet. I've studied both ideologies to the fullest, and Islam demands the death and conquest of all infidels and infidel nations. It moves through the pages of the Quran, Sunna, and through the hadith like a drumbeat. When they shout "death to America" and attack people with blades, it isn't a coincidence. The Prophet Muhammed was a full blown psychopath that made Hitler look like a "My little Pony", and he's the Islamic infallable leader. If you want insight into the mind of Christianity, read the Bible. If you want insight into the mind of Jehovah's Witnesses, read the Watchtower. If you want insight into the mind of Mormons read the Bible with the Book of Mormon. If you want insight into the mind of Islam, read the Quran, the Sunna, and the hadith. You'll never feel safe again. When liberals decided to manifest a million person "Women's March" led by a Sharia supporting Islamist woman (Linda Sarsour) using taqiyya to pretend to be a feminist, and we witnessed the left wearing hijabs and sporting "We are all Muslims" signs, we began looking at them like a 20 car pile up on the highway, an abomination to all common decency and common sense, a parasite upon the red, white, and blue, the new Nazism gone mad...;=8s 8&t;=22s

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