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All schools should make it a compulsion to teach arts and music to its students.


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I think all schools should have art and music classes because it allows student to show creativity.

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I agree with shadowOni. We students need a way to express our creativity through music and arts. We can't express ourselves through many other things at schools anymore. We can't express ourselves through our clothing because we get in trouble, we can't express ourselves by hair color because we get in trouble, we can't have any type of peircing besides our ears without getting in trouble...we can't do much of anything. If the didn't have the opportunities to take an art class, choir, band, or anything else art related...can you even imagine where we'd be? Many of us wouldn't be anywhere.

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A child education is not complete unless it include art.

Art education improves problem solving abilities.

Music is very pleasant to our mind.

Listening music gives us relax from all tension.

Art should be provided to school,we can know the skills of art.

Music is having many types of bands.

Music helps you sleep.

Art Generates a Love of Learning & Creativity.

Music also eases pain.

Music makes your immune system stronger.

Art Prepares Kids for the Future

Music is good for soul.

Art Supports Emotional Intelligence.

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It seems different to me that all schools should make it compulsion of arts and music because students show less interest in their study when other activity will be there.Our main purpose is study.So we have to concentrate only on our studies.

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both are waste of time, they are hobbies .

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I don't believe this one bit if you have a talent why not advance it?

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Nox0(1393) Disputed
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Advance it where ?

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Arts and music should be elective subjects in schools. Let the students who enjoy those subjects be encouraged to take those classes.

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child does not pay attention when there is music.

listening music increases mental effect and we can't study.

we even get bored by listening.

art is waste of time.

There is no getting away from the fact that the arts is a subjective area of knowledge.

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