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Allah Is The One True God And If Dana Doesn't Like It She Can Go Swivel

Yes he is and I will never ever change my mind, so as-salamu alaykum like the prophet Mohammed.

I Admit It

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But Mein Fuhrer

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Why must people keep hating each other over religion? It's not like you're going to change people! It's all pointless! Why can't we all get along?

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Yeshua is the Only True God, and Allah is a malignant, sociopath. Tea and crumpets, you old fuck?

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Stop lying Dana. Allah is merciful but if you push him he will crush you like a bug. You can't even play with this fiery Jihad.

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Allah does not exist, and is the fictional moon deity, of the Arabian people, before, Islam. Do your own research, and think for yourself. You deserve, liberty.

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NomLovesMarx(359) Disputed Banned
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You can't even play with this fiery Jihad. Darling, I would rather shit fire, than ever play, with your dumb ass, copy, that?

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