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Absolutely Rules are rules
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Allright Libs. You ready to start destroying more statues yet?


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Rules are rules

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When the Liberals run out of statues/memorials to destroy they'll turn their destructive hatred to public buildings and the homes of the middle class.

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The destruction of statues is for the most violent among us libs, most of us are more reasonable. We're somewhat like conservatives where the most violent among YOU are the KKK, the Neo-Nazis, the abortion clinic murderers, etc. Killing, hanging, burning are things we frown on. The far-right does these things and tries to blame it on the left, often. We'd, for the most part, like to move them to museums where they can be studied and reflected upon ... lest we forget. It's hard to put a right-wing hanged man in a museum, they stink after a while. Same with dead doctors and church people.

I think most of us would rather be referred to as Allleft Libs, if you please. ;-)

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