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He’s older than dirt. Hope he’s ok. 

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It has been a while since he's been on. I hope he's ok too. Do you know if he's on that DebateIsland?

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Do you know if he's on that DebateIsland?

Hello Mint:

He was.. Disappeared from there too.


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Maybe he's just sick of all the crazy on these debate sites. I've been distancing myself from them too. Hoping he's ok though, it's rare for him to be gone so long.

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I can't think of any other way to confirm or deny, but I started looking at obits for Albert in Rhode Island. One was born in 1920 and died May 16. You guys know him better. Any details I should look for?

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I don't 'think' that's him. His CD profile says he has 4 daughters, the Alberts in RI or born in RI that passed away after his last log in's don't have 4 daughters. Hopefully he's just taking a relaxing vacation or something.

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Haven’t seen Al on DI , I sincerely hope he’s ok he’s a lovely man