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Alternate Personality Theory

In conception, there is a selection process for new consciousnesses where you control an avatar called a sperm or an egg. Your goal is to either position yourself so that you are the egg taken down the tubes to be fertilised or as a sperm you must race against other competitors to reach an egg. The purpose of this is to test your compatibility and ability to influence physical matter to prove yourself a viable candidate for controlling a 'human' body host. Now, there are two identities within a fertilised 'egg'. A male and a female personality. The two personalities are randomly shuffled (with some foul play on the male side) to determine the roles of each of the consciousness pair. Say in this case a female takes the prize. She wins the right hemisphere of the brain where she will have control of effectively the entire body. She will be the conscious consciousness of the two, the awake one. The loser, in this case the male shall take residence in the left hemisphere where he shall be dormant as the subconsciousness and subservient to the right hemisphere. The slave consciousness is kept unconscious, in the dark, but is relied on to provide computational power yet still exists as a separate entity (CGP Grey's 'you are two'). The 'larger' the corpus callosum connecting the two resident consciousnesses, the better/faster the conscious one can manipulate and/or work with the slave half (Einstein's dissection result). Every day cycle the pair of consciousnesses are extracted, and a huge amount of consciousness pairs are given a trial residence after the body is cleared and refreshed (a golden period known as REM sleep). Insomnia is the dormant consciousness attempting to take control and preventing sleep, thereby When you don't sleep, your body eventually after 11 days (or whatever it was) rejects you, the pair. Your consciousnesses are kicked out because the other consciousnesses are tired of your shit for holding on longer than your contract. Your body is a business, and there are other potentially compatible consciousnesses waiting in line behind you for a shot at life. Hosts are given the term 'possessed' or have 'multiple personality disorder' when the consciousness pair from the previous day refuse/are unable to leave the host, and are then trapped within the host along with another or even multiple other pairs which have limited control and cause problems as they have limited control over the host as they have not been given the time after REM sleep to accustom themselves to their host. When awoken during REM sleep, the pair testing is interrupted, and the resident pair at that moment takes control, but is unaccustomed as they have not been given the period after REM sleep to get used to the host, and the end result is a groggy human.
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I'm sure there are plenty of things I've missed out. Feel free to contribute if you feel invested.

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There are several positions to the act of knocking boots. Which position do you prefer ?

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Nice try, Get lost.

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Your goal is to either position yourself so what position you like must be one you like.

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In my opinion, its more about genetic. If your mom is compassionate insecure and loving and her genes are dominant then most likely you'll receive those traits. So maybe you have the appearance of your father because those are the dominant genes he carries and your mother genes are dominant in deciding your personality.