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Am Back. How's it been? (JatinNagpal)

Just what it says in the title, for the most part. For any new people, welcome. For my old friends, how's it been?

(Ah, this lack of emojis... It's kinda unfamiliar from a lot of the Internet. Guess I'll look up something for that later.)
Got admitted into a university, btw. It's one of the premier ones of the country. Also, installed Linux - long story, but now I dual boot Windows and Ubuntu.
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Welcome back Jatin , I’m afraid the days of good enagaging debate seem to be a distant memory , the site has turned into one that’s 99 per cent point scoring American political debates repeated ad Nauseum , one particular troll called Nom posts up this tripe non stop using 50 odd alt accounts

Congrats on your university placing and wish you every success in your pursuit of a law degree

An absolute waste of data. Nothing worthwhile at all. The trolls have increased in numbers and debates aren't as engaging these days.. looking forward to some neat titles from you, now that you're back...

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Check out it's the newest crib in the scene for us debating gangsters.

Until Andy fixes this site we have to take refuge from these multi-accounting tyrants.